Gui Gui ditches WGM Husband for Mao Zi Jun

To promote their new hybrid wuxia-detective series The Four, actors Yang Yang, Mao Zi Jun and Gui Gui appear on China’s go-to variety show, Happy Camp. Here, taiwanese actress Gui Gui strips off her ‘taecyeon’s wify’ title as she romances Mao Zi Jun and Dreams of Red Chamber’s Yang Yang (he’s the guy with the multicolored shirt). Okay maybe that last part is a lie – I have just a tidbit of a clue on the pairings – but at least we know Mao Zi Jun’s character should be Gui Gui’s love interest.


It’s not just me right? They are kinda adorable looking together.

If you are here for the drama and want to see the shiny new trailer … Read this! This post here is purely a fangirly post if you didn’t realize up until now… eeps.

I think Yang Yang and Gui Gui have a lot of chemistry as well – as evidenced by the cast’s interactions on Happy Camp, but I think these two would be a better bffs pair than a romantic one. Jumping cows for joy! These cuties better do a drama together soon.

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3 responses to “Gui Gui ditches WGM Husband for Mao Zi Jun”

  1. fadze says :

    aaaa i love gui gui so much…obviously i’m here because of gwgm,and i am not taec’s fan…just gui gui 😛

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