C-couple Feng Shaofeng and Nini get cozy at the airport

The Shanghaiese celebrity couple was spotted in matching couple hats and holding hands publicly at an airport. Cute cute!

This is my first time seeing Feng Shaofeng and The Flowers of War actress Ni Ni together since they confirmed their relationship on China’s Twitter called Weibo.

Fans of Feng Shaofeng and Yang Mi (affectionately dubbed the Feng-Mi couple) who co-starred in time-travel romance series Gong/Heartlock Jade Palace were heartbroken when Yang Mi admitted she was dating Hawick. But now, you can root for this fresh looking new couple!


FSF and Ni Ni at the Shanghai Film Festival

*I usually refrain from posting relationship news because good-lordy knows how long these last. But Feng-Ni looks so sweet together, I couldn’t resist.

*Feel like doing a fashion post on celebrity airport fashion now ^^

Photo source: HunanTV

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One response to “C-couple Feng Shaofeng and Nini get cozy at the airport”

  1. wootness says :

    Aw they look cute together!

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