Map of China – where dat handsome men at?

Note that this is not to be taken seriously, so don’t come to me red-faced or scream “you lie!” if you can’t seem to discover any array of charming locales in the likes of babyfaced Lu Han or smoldering-gaze-Chen Xiao outside your Chinese hotel room. Truth to be told, it is impossible to statistically measure subjective things such as the degree of attractiveness. Oh, and to clarify, this is not the most handsome Chinese actors, but the more well-known and representative ones.

China's hot men

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According to nonstatistical methods, there are three things to note off the bat:

  1. most of them grew up along the coastal cities of China, with exception to Chen Xiao, Luo Jin, Deng Chao, and Zhang Junning. (so here’s a tip: live close to bodies of water and locations where the climate is warm, which is good for the skin)
  2. Cities like Shenyang and Shanghai hmm — so we can assume it is possible that we can expect to encounter men in the likes of Lin Geng Xin and Yan Kuan?
  3. Note that attractive people have attractive company. The northern, the central, and the southern groups. You pick.

Purely speculation: as you may have seen from dramas, our Shanghainese men seem to have exquisite features which make them look exceptionally fitting and charismatic for ancient drama heroes. What up – Hu Ge and Yan Kuan. Whereas the northern Dalian men have less prominent facial features but instead, make it up by generally having tall and well-built physiques. It has been said that Dalian boasts some of the most handsome men in China. Go figure.

For the curious, all the men featured are [from top to bottom]: Jia Nailiang, Lu Hong, Wang Yang, Ren Quan, Han Geng, Fu Xingbo, Zhu Zi Xiao, Zhang Rui, Lin Gengxin, Wang Lei, Tao of Exo-M, Han Chengyu, Huang Xiaoming, Yang Yang, Bao Jian Feng, Feng Shao Feng, Hu Ge, Jones Xu, Chen Xiao, Luo Jin, Deng Chao, Zhang Junning; Couldn’t fit them all but here are the ones who should have been on the map: Gao Junxiang, Luhan Exo-M,

What are some traits of an ideal man? Which cities would you like to visit in China? (my personal favorite is Beijing, SO much culture there and shopping centres, but you have to know where to go… don’t go on packaged tour trips)

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One response to “Map of China – where dat handsome men at?”

  1. heisui says :

    AHAHAA I love this post!!! On a more serious note I think it’s interesting that many of them are from costal areas.

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