Thoughts on popular Chinese television: “Super Boy” 2013 Singing Competition

With the summer in full blast, Super Boy, a Chinese idol/singing competition has also commenced this year. This is the first time I’m watching SuperBoy (or any Chinese singing show for that matter) so I’m going to take you along for the ride. If you have heard of Super Boy but don’t know what its all about and want to follow this year’s competition, then you’ll need to read on!


There’s five types of contestant winners, let me just break it down for ya: the Korean popstar, the unassuming pretty boy-next-door who CAN actually sing or is passable singer (always a crowd pleaser), the bulky guy that can belt 50 octaves high (I obviously know my music lingo), the arrogant type who eventually wins based on talent even though people are talking trash about his attitude, and finally the shilipai (实力派) a Chinese term for dedicated, hardworker who may not be gifted with appearance.

Quick Terminology {Geek Facts} to Know:

  • hosted every three years in Changsha of Hunan Province (started in 2007)
  • preliminary round of SuperBoys has begun regionally (this year’s locations are Changsha, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Guangzhou)
  • there are three celebrity judges who will either give a PASS or LEAVE which determine your fate
  • Auditions open to all men >> 300 successful contestants >> Regionals >> Top 20 Finalists go on to Nationals>> the final round
  • beginning in 2010, audience can now vote the disqualified boys back into a spot on the 20 finalists (reviving- FuHuo 复活)

If you haven’t seen this, the Hangzhou round is chock-full of pretty boys, but I’ll let you be the judge. Check it out below the cut. If you thought nobody can beat the Wallace Huo and Jung Il Woo dopplegangers from the Xi’an preliminaries….oh boy, you are in for it here in Hangzhou. Plus, who wouldn’t give in to heartthrob Chen Kun’s eyebrow swagging and cheeky commentary?

here is the must-watch above; Hangzhou – who will make into the Top 14 in this regional battle?)

(a preview of the Xi’an province contestants aiming to get to the Top 10 to go to the next round – the nationals)

The process goes like this:

  1. 1/3 pass means the contestant fails or ShiBai (失败)
  2. 2/3 pass means the contestant is in ‘waiting mode’ or DaiDing (待定)
  3. 3/3 pass means the contestant automatically gets placed into one of the 10 coveted spots to go to next round or JinJi (晋级)
  4. ~10 coveted slots that all the contestants aim to get into for the regional preliminaries; remaining slots are called JinJiMingE 晋级名额

How tough were the SuperBoy Judges?


This is Laura Shang, a former Super Girl champion and now she’s back as a celebrity judge…. with the messiest wacked-out hair and PMS-ing all the way to the end of the show. Only kidding about the pms part, although she is quite harsh with the singers. Shang is known to mimic a exotic accent for laughs, and occasionally flirts with the handsome contestants, and slams the LEAVE button so hard she inevitably leaves a red-faced aspiring singer. All in all though, she is growing on me as a judge because I’ve learned to appreciate her honest feedback. That doesn’t mean Shang is impartial by any means!

Chen Kun also gave us his thoughts, comments in frustration:

Really can’t stand the pretty boys who..[just can’t sing]. I wish all the Pretty Boys could sing a really niubi (badass) song for us. I’m really taken with [the contestants] who are handsome and can show us they got some badass vocals.

Personal favorites from both Xi’an and Hangzhou competitions are…


Ma Chen 马辰 – This is a pretty boy who CAN sing! I can envision Ma Chen as a big name celebrity. He seems like a modest guy too, which is a plus.


Xie Bin Bin 谢彬彬 – his dimples and great attitude (and the fact that his college major sounds geeky) far exceeds his passable vocal ability, but he’s quite decent in all those departments. I fancy him. That is all.


Wei Shuai 魏帅 – With ‘shuai’ in his name, he delivers the charming side and breathtaking husky voice was perfect with the chosen song


Yu Tian 于湉 – Although his looks are average, the song he picked worked SO WELL with his vocal range

Yes, you might be wondering who these three are. Hint: one is a Toronto-based Youtube celebrity, another has lead role in one of my favorite dramas, and one is a former Korean popstar. I will only tell you that they have some of the most handsome features but lack in voice (OR AT LEAST IN PREPARATION), in other words, I have been anticipating these performances but because of that, came out disappointed. Go watch the Hangzhou video to find out how they did.

Can you spy who the next top Chinese singers could be? Who do you prefer more as singer, and who as an idol?

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6 responses to “Thoughts on popular Chinese television: “Super Boy” 2013 Singing Competition”

  1. isabellealyssa says :

    This is embarassing but I only tuned in to watch Chen Kun heheheheh he’s such a good looking judge, not to mention that eyebrow thing that he does that makes him asdfghjkl still so attractive >.< This show is pretty decent but somehow it still lacks a little wow factor. But it's alright, we have Chen Kun muahahahah 😀

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Yes I watched the ones Chen Kun was in too. That eyebrow thing is so very distracting… haha.
      For me, I think the show has just the right amount of punch but I have gripes with the judges eliminating some singers that were actually decent, but then again we’re not professionals so maybe they saw something we didn’t :/
      I’m watching the national competition (20 finalists) and shall update this with who they are.

  2. T says :

    Thanks for the post! I’ve watched superboy since 2007 and love to see more people talking about it…I hope you continue to follow the competition and post 🙂 The judges were so harsh and so many people I liked were eliminated…but I’m looking forward to the top 20!

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