“Starman” Episodes 1-2 Thoughts & Recap

So I’m just jotting my ideas so this might be a bit messy.

Episode 1


The general layout of the series is introduced. You meet Sawako, grandma, and the three children. Our leading guy is walking around town, aimlessly. One scene, he is shown stepping out of a train – in another, he is lying on a wooden boat staring at the night sky. Inevitably, this star-gazing hobby will continue throughout the episodes. Sawako’s husband left her and her kids and she wants to give her children the warmth of a family. Sure enough, a miracle happens. A shooting star was seen that night and strikes the young man who was lying in the boat. Sawako almost rams her van into the man the next day, when she finds him stumbling along the dirt road. The highlight of this episode is when Sawako takes in this amnesiac young man in, and names him “Hoshio”. Her youngest child shouts “Papa!” and is the sweetest kid ever as he goes over to hug the bewildered “Hoshio”. Only, the kid is too short and manages to hug Hoshio’s legs. Then, since Hoshio is established to be Sawako’s husband, the young man goes to the room to change clothes, with Sawako in tow. That changing clothes scene is a must-watch. Sawako gets flustered just looking at Hoshio. But they’re supposed to be husband and wife haha! Anyways, they have a lovely ‘family meal’ scene wherein everybody just stares at Hoshio. The grandma is awesome! She partakes in the white lie but also reassures Hoshio that is is not a useless man. The next day,  the eldest son and 2nd son are playing a baseball game in a kids league. The whole ‘family’ goes to watch. Hoshio finds out he has super jumping powers when he blocks a stray baseball that was shooting dangerously close to where the youngest child was playing (near the sidelines). Sawako, grandma, and all the other families watching the baseball game gape at Hoshio.

Episode 2


Sawako visits a friend-owned bar (not sure) and confides in her friend, the bartender, that she’s feeling guilty about not telling Hoshio the truth. But that the end of the conversation, her friend tells her “Hoshio might never recover his memories… he might slowly fall in love with you”, which makes Sawako feel better that she’s making up this super-humongus lie about Hoshio’s identity.

For the rest of the episode, Sawako makes more lies about how they fell in love (all asked sincerely by Hoshio)…. It kind of goes like a broken record. Simple questions, really. And she should have guessed this would happen.

Hoshio: So, what did I like to eat?

Sawako: Eh? Oh….um….erg….

Hoshio: What was our favorite spot to go on a date?

Sawako: Eh?? Oh, yeah. That. Yup! What was the question?

Hoshio: Before I was an amnesiac, what kind of job did I have? (okay…he didn’t say that verbatim lol)

Sawako: Eh?? Uh… grandma! He was doing that kind of job, right? Yeah, you know what… you tell him.


Oh yeah, and there’s this hilarious exchange between the grandma and the eldest son (Dai) at the dinner table, sans Hoshio and Sawako.

Grandma peers over at the quiet children and goes, kids, I know that something is up. What is it Dai, you say your mind.

Dai: I don’t like having this strange man be our dad. Grandma goes: That’s true. And she patiently listens to Dai’s rants about this strange man, Hoshio. Grandma says: Yup, you’re absolutely right. Dai is surprised that grandma is so agreeable and tries to throw her off, “mother is weird for doing this!” “I agree” “You too Grandma” “….Well, you have a point.” LMAO….

Grandma switches into wise mode and goes: Dai, have you liked a girl before? (he shakes his head) Well, here’s some info you should know, because I know it will happen someday. Remember, you are right. But when you like a girl, it doesn’t matter if things are “right”. She doesn’t care about being “right”. Remember this carefully.

At the end of the conversation, Dai is in a daze, wondering what the hell that was supposed to mean.

Meanwhile, Hoshi’s true identity is about to be revealed, at least a little bit more, as his ex-girlfriend is determined to track him down and have him repay for….something that he had done in the past. Viewers aren’t quite sure yet, but it is going to be revealed in Episode 3 next week.

Something I couldn’t put a finger on is what the heck is going on with the girl that coworks with Sawako at the lunchbox factory and the old man on the motorcycle who creeps on Hoshio from time to time – both are clues to unlock Hoshio’s past I guess. Near the end of episode two, Hoshio discovers that he has two other superpowers! Dash and Healing. That means running as fast as a car and healing an injured bird by holding it in his hands. What is up with all these superpowers?

Watched “Starman”? What do you think about the series so far?

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One response to ““Starman” Episodes 1-2 Thoughts & Recap”

  1. dramamochi says :

    I love the grannie, Shun and Fukushi Sota!! haha! Shun is really the cutest thing in the world 😀 I do think that they are going to introduce aliens to us.

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