Trends in China: telephone cord hairties make their rounds in beijing

Many cities in China, notably Beijing, experience three months of hot, humid summer. So what do you do when you want your hair out of your face and neck? The traditional method is to sport a ponytail or a messy bun with a ponytail holder. But nope – Chinese women, the middle aged and adolescents have turned to a more fun, new-fangled type of hair accessory. (super trending circa summer of 2011). On Chinese wholeseller sites selling this popular item, the hair tie is associated with Korean fashion so perhaps this is evidence of the Hallyu wave sweeping China? Then again, most Chinese consumers purchasing these hair ties out by the street vendors would care less as long as they served a practical function (while being trendy of course!).

They are called “telephone cord hair ties” 电话线发圈 and have apparently been around in Japan and Korea, although it’s not certain to me whether or not they were a big trend there.

This can be seen peeking out of ponytails on the major subway lines, crowded buses, on the streets, practically everywhere you venture where there are Chinese women. What is interesting about these hair ties are that, upon personal experience with them, they avoid all the frustrations with regular ones – ponytail bumps and strands of hair that gets pulled out, and weigh when they are exposed to rain. And hey, they come in fun crayon colors!

For those who are in the United States can find them in your local Asian supermarkets or online.

And finally, my claim to fame (?? more like a claim to trendsetter): I actually used these ponytail holders before seeing them trending in China. Found them for about 4 USD for a pack of five. They have many uses and are never tangled up in knots, which make these hairties convenient for everyday. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of the assorted colors, you can opt for a more discreet black, brown, or clear one.

Do you own one of these hair ties? Curious about them? 

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One response to “Trends in China: telephone cord hairties make their rounds in beijing”

  1. alua says :

    I don’t think these would work for fine, curly, long hair. I can just imagine my hair getting so, so tangled!

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