10 Contemporary Chinese Singers To Know (Part 1 out of 2)

If you’re interested in contemporary Chinese music but don’t know where to start, get ready to meet some of our favorite music artists here at UnderratedGems.

1. JJ lin


Lin Jun Jie, more known as JJ lin, is a big name across Asia, alongside the likes of Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom. Singaporean Mandopop singer-songwriter, composer, and actor. Don’t miss Never Learn, which brings a fistful of emotion to the table. Practice Love  was dedicated to victims of SilkAir Flight MI185 crash in 1997, and animated music video for it was breathtaking. Cao Cao is an upbeat, catchy song about a hero from The Three Kingdoms (era of Chinese history).

2. Xian Zi


Xianzi became famous among internet composers in Guangdong province. In 2005, she was discovered by a Taiwanese producer and became a singer. In 2006, Xianzi sang a famous duet called “Bu De Bu Ai ” with singer Will Pan. Looking for a slower-paced, moving ballad? Tian Zhen is an emotional roller-coaster. And, if you’re into rock music, you may want to try Ni Feng de Qiang Wei 逆風的薔薇. Besides these songs, I highly recommend googling Xianzi  – she has so many good songs (JJ Lin too!), you almost cannot go wrong.

3. Wei Chen


Chinese pop singer and actor, who rose to fame through Super Boy, a televised singing competitions. He is best known through his album “Disparate” and his role as Ye Shuo on Meteor Shower. Dust 埃尘 is a gorgeous (seductive) piece that displays Wei Chen’s wide range of vocal ability and talents in kpop dancing.

4. Jasmine Leong


Leong is a Malaysian-Chinese singer who is a well-known name throughout Asia. Leong, known as “the Queen of Love Songs”, is famous for her love-themed ballads, many of which have become popular karaoke hits. Jasmine’s classic Love Song 情歌 will appeal to romancers everywhere, whereas Ai Jiu Jian Ren Xin 爱久见人心 is another fantastic song by Leong that has been featured on this site before.

5. Hu Xia


Hu hails from China’s southern Guangxi province. He won first place in Taiwan’s prestigious singing contest called One Million Star. Hu Xia is most well-known for singing Those Years, the theme song for the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye. He can make street singing sound like they’re produced in the studio. Who has not heard Those Years 那些年 before? Instant classic and a one-way ticket to nostalgia.
6. Li Yuchun


Lǐ Yǔchūn, also known as Chris Lee is a Chinese pop singer and actress who achieved instant fame when she won the nationwide singing contest Super Girl in 2005. According to Chinese voters, her untraditional gender-neutral style and active singing drew the audience. Li is an uber-famous celebrity in China. Li’s powerful voice captures the essence of #YOLO in Years Like Fire 似火年華. And those who have seen the historical drama Female Prime Minister, will be familiar with the beautiful Treasure 珍惜 theme song, sung by Li.

7. Silence W.


Silence W is the stage name of the Chinese male singer who hails from a northern city called Shenyang – his name is Wang Sulong (汪苏泷). He is a relatively new singer, a 1990s-born, who has captured many fans for his catchy songs like A Bit Sweet 有点甜Little Stars 小星星 is another fun follow-up, a must-listen if you enjoyed A Bit Sweet.

8. Alan Dawa Dolma


Alan is from Tibet, and is active in both Mainland Chinese and Japanese music industry. On top of her youthful, big-eyed looks, Alan’s vocals are something to die for. Strong, powerful, and far-reaching. Alan is known in China for singing for drama OSTS – for her gorgeous One Persistent Thought w/ Hu Ge for Bu Bu Jing Qin and ethereal feel of HOME (the ending song for modern chinese series, 21st Line of Marriage Agreement).

9. Vae

Chinese creative singer Vae Xu Song photos _57_

His name is Xu Song, english name “Vae”, is an independent musician specializing in R&B.  He was born in Anhui Province and was studying in medical school before persuing music. Vae has produced quite a few wacky music videos and not-romance-centric music, which is refreshing in this day and age. Notable songs: Imagination 想象中胡萝卜须, Thought I Heard 幻听

10. Huang Ying


She’s born in 1989-Huang’s cover of famous Chinese folk song “Ying Shan Hong” won her a title in the 2009 Super Girl contest. She is known for her rich, mountain girl voice, suitable for Chinese folk music. Notable songs: Fairytale 1/2 OST (Forever Love), Faraway Melody 远歌

Up next, find out more Chinese music in Part 2 of Best Contemporary Chinese Singers You Should Know (more leaned towards Taiwanese singers).

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6 responses to “10 Contemporary Chinese Singers To Know (Part 1 out of 2)”

  1. heisui says :

    Thanks so much for this! I only knew…2 of them. T_T I will check out the rest!

  2. heisui says :

    So I’m back after listening to the suggested songs. I was really surprised by Li Yuchun’s voice, I guess it was deeper and more raw than I thought it would be! From what I heard of Vae, he reminded me a bit of Khalil Fong. I think my favorite new song out of these is Alan’s song HOME. I love her voice and the song is really dreamy.

    Do you know of any good Chinese rappers? O_O

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Part two is coming uppppp ^^ Yeah I had heard a lot of hype of Li Yuchun but never really tried her songs until Female PM’s theme song and now I’m hooked.

      Hm… I think you can try Wilber Pan’s “Put on My Love” (really good). China doesn’t really do raps in general and a lot of netizens speculate it has something to do with no free speech lol.

      • heisui says :

        Hehe ok. Yeah I feel like I haven’t heard of many Chinese rappers. O_O Also it seems like most of the popular Chinese songs are all ballads!

  3. Liz says :

    How do I find Alan Dawa Dolma on youtube? I would like to search but cannot find her.

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