Cantopop: “once said” by Shiga Lin


Shiga Lin is a Hong Kong model and actress whose starred in HK film Lan Kwai Fong 喜愛夜蒲. For non-Chinese speakers, this is in fact a cantonese song, which I haven’t featured before on this site (usually focused on mandarin-chinese songs) since I barely listen to cantopop. The music video, called Once Said, has already amassed over 1 million hits within a three month period. Soothing and rich in meaning, Shiga’s new song can rival her already popular english ballad I’m Still Loving You, which was on Lan Kwai Fong’s OST. Really great singer if you are looking for cantonese songs.

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4 responses to “Cantopop: “once said” by Shiga Lin”

  1. heisui says :

    Wowww thanks so much for this, the song is so pretty! I don’t listen to much cantopop and besides I don’t even know what songs/artists are good in the first place, haha! So thanks!!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      No problem! I usually go for mando, but this one snuck up on me unexpectedly whilst browsing youtube.

      I shall make a rec of all the good chinese singers/bands I know 😛

  2. isabellealyssa says :

    Ooh this song is really niceee, it reminds me of how good canto-pop used to be like (not that I’ve listened to a lot but still..). Thank youuu so much for sharing this song! 😀

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