Links to Check Out — Cross-Continential Love Story and Crazy Japanese Pizzas

source: xiaxue's beauty blog

source: xiaxue’s beauty blog

  1. Follow Xiaxue, a famous Singaporean beauty blogger, as she finds love in a Houston guy who lives halfway across the world. Bold and spunky and sentimental, this girl has a rocking love story that is worthy of being retold again and again. Honestly, t feels like you are right there with her. You really can’t help but be thrown back and amazed – the story is told wonderfully with accompanying plane ticket stubs, photos, and a cute letter.
  2. Want to Live in Korea? 10 Things You’ll Have to Get Used to! If you are reading this…. you watch too many kdramas for your own good. Just saying! Find out if you have what it takes to really submerge yourselves in Korean culture, and you have the staff at Seoulistic to thank.
  3. Look no further, where else can you find chewy minature hot dogs lining your pizza crust? Japanese pizzas of course. Lest we forget that seafood has remained prominent in traditional Japanese dishes, there are pizzas decorated with seafood toppings as a option as well. Fancy.
  4. Claire’s China Blog – an adopted Chinese girl who explores her roots by traveling throughout China. Claire’s musings after traveling from Beijing to Nanning reflect maturity beyond her years. Really enlightening read.
  5. The other side of Rick Steves. He may seem like Mister Rogers, But in a revealing interview, the travel guru shares his daring views on Iran and terrorism, spoiled Americans, and the best place to smoke pot in Europe.

This week’s links post was a bit late (a day ish)…. but enjoy! See you in the next Favorite Links Wednesday.

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