Dramacrazy is Gone… Now What?

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To everyone who’s enjoyed free online streaming of japanese and korean dramas. A wide variety of shows that were quickly updated daily. After 5 years of basically succeeding the online streaming megasite, Mysoju, another greatness has been taken down.

I know there is still Hulu and Dramafever but alas it’s just not the same.

Where is everybody watching their jdrama/kdrama? 


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7 responses to “Dramacrazy is Gone… Now What?”

  1. dramamochi says :

    I watch from gooddrama.net now. I was also a dramacrazy subscriber-ish person. Everyday I refresh that site like hell and now it’s GONE….o.o kinda sudden. Been there for 4 years though….oh well…

    • Bumbleberri says :

      I found Starman on gooddrama! hehe so happy that I can watch it now. Thanks for sharing this.

      I know! Nonetheless, I appreciate all the effort and work the staff put into Dramacrazy. Its not an easy task uploading and maintaining that site…

      • dramamochi says :

        yeah, kudos to DC staff!! I watched Starman too!! At first I thought it would just be about a single mother and an amnesiac man. But it seems like they are toying with the idea of aliens as well 0.0

      • Bumbleberri says :

        Aliens, wow really? I really like Sota’s character but the general feel from ep1 for me was quite boring (besides the cuteness with the kids interacting with Sota. Hope things pick up a bit more…

      • dramamochi says :

        yeah, aliens. They haven’t done that for a while. Still, it’s a theory. And ep 1 was indeed slow. Hope things pick up too!

  2. redbeanmochi says :

    gooddrama, funtude, sugoideas, and viki. dramafever was all find and dandy but now they require you to make an account -__-

  3. Selvinas says :

    What! And I was just going to finally finish watching everything this summer….why did it get taken down? And what about animecrazy, is that one down as well?(slow internet here)

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