New Japanese Drama “Starman” with Hirosue Ryoko and Fukushi Sota


This drama is seeing a July 9th premiere on Fuji TV.

Hirosue Ryoko plays the role of Uno Sawako, a plucky single mother of 3 boys. Due to her personality, fearing that she will be the ruin of him, Sawako’s husband takes off and abandons her and their 3 boys. Sawako is left to bring up their 3 sons by herself. One day, Hoshio, a man who is suffering from amnesia, suddenly appears before her. Even though he is much younger than her, Sawako falls in love with Hoshio at first sight. A dormant heart that now has love awakened, Sawako decides to keep Hoshio by her side by telling him, “You are my husband”… Will Sawako be able to struggle through balancing the reality of being a mother of 3 boys with her immatured tendre for Hoshio? —Fuji TV



Something learned from experience: don’t question a jdrama by the synopsis! I will tentatively say that it sounds cute (yea, totally ridiculous with the amnesia backstory but still). Fukushi Sota, who is the younger man in this drama, is a relative newcomer (he was in Kamen Riders which I have not seen), and I’m quite excited to see his performance onscreen.

Sota is also in “Library Wars“, a futuristic film with Eikura Nana, which has been out since April.


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