Links to Check Out — Flawless Skin, Wongfu Pro, Self-Esteem Boost, and Free Classes

  1. Melodee Morita has literally flawless skin and I’m not quite sure if its genetics or good daily habits or the skincare that she uses, or maybe all of the above. She is also a Japanese-English-fluent reporter for a Japanese television channel in NY and an accomplished ballet dancer. Melodee explains things in her video with both English and Japanese since she is bilingual, which I find really cool. 
  2. Wongfu Pro’s just turned 10 years! Philip, Wes, and Ted tell their fans how their process has been and what their lives have been like since Wongfu Productions began to create video skits in 2003. Whether you like them or not, there’s no doubt they are a talented trio who have brilliant ideas and high-quality productions. What they do to achieve their dream careers can serve to be an inspiration to us all. Since 2010, they have branched out to television web series and a variety show.
  3. Blogilates tells you that “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”. Here’s an excerpt from her blog: “Not all of us are born math geniuses or 6ft tall runway models, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Remember that sometimes what you do not have is a blessing too. The reason why your quads and calves are “too bulky” is probably the reason why you’re the captain of your track team. The reason why you don’t have so many friends and you’re so soft spoken is the reason why…”
  4. Coursera, a hub of massive open online courses. Classes to register for… a choice from top universities… 10 week long courses ranging from biostatistics to science of gastronomy…video lectures and homework assignments and quizzes…for free. Need I say more? If you don’t know what to do with your summer, I suggest you register for one of these classes. You’ll feel productive, I promise you!

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2 responses to “Links to Check Out — Flawless Skin, Wongfu Pro, Self-Esteem Boost, and Free Classes”

  1. Jarkie says :

    Didn’t realize Wangfu productions turned 10! Wow!

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