Final Teaser for C-Movie “Tiny Times”

I like this teaser better than the first one because it shows more plot and the relationships between characters are revealed. The vulnerable and strong side of friendships are shown between Yang Mi and Amber Kuo’s characters. And they finally show more of Rhydian Vaughan aka Feng Xiao Yue.  

“No one can stay forever young, but there’s always people who are living their youth” – Lin Xiao (Yang Mi)

Guo Jingming-directed Tiny Times has met with initially strong reception in China on June 27th, the movie premiere. 

According to Hollywood Reporter

Tiny Times broke the Chinese opening-day record for a solely 2D release by taking $11.2 million (69 million yuan) on Thursday…But the backlash has already begun for Tiny Times, with its staggering ticket sales running contrary to the mauling it received online – the film averaged ratings of 3.4 and 5.0 out of 10 on and, two of China’s most-visited movie portals.

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3 responses to “Final Teaser for C-Movie “Tiny Times””

  1. Nutella says :

    Ahh, more waiting for me… I was so excited for this movie too, so reading about the negative reviews is really disheartening *pouts* I’m seeing Rhydian Vaughan after so long~ I guess there is always the show to look forward too…

    • Bumbleberri says :

      I want to see Rhydian in more series and movies. What a looker! Have you seen his interviews?

      • Nutella says :

        I haven’t seen any of his interviews for tiny times, but I saw some of them for Monga, which was aagggesss ago.. I also found him in Love Recipe, but I haven’t had the time/resources to watch that show past the first episode (but he is still so adorable there~). I didn’t watch Love (too many irritating plotlines imo, so unless someone watches with me, not watching) and I wanted to watch GF*BF but I keep forgetting… TL;DR Rhydian Vaughan needs to be in more shows more prominently~

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