Digimon Character Fashions

You can begin to understand how television serials from your childhood can influence you in the present… when you’ve seen Digimon. Digimon is exactly the kind of anime series that can bring tons of laughter, excitement, and joy – you can be 8 or 18 or 28 and still be drawn to the series. The plot leaves you in suspense and the adventures are engaging to follow along. Just have a look at that Digimon logo! It can bring a wave of nostalgia (or you’re like pssh Pokemon was way better). One thing we can all appreciate, however, is how the whole concept of Digimon reflected Japan’s rapid technological developments during the 80s and 90s, which makes it an important series in addition to its entertainment value.


Facts to Know:

  • Fox Kids was a Saturday morning and weekday afternoon programming block that aired from 1990 to 2002 on FOX. (television tropes & idioms) For the record, I saw the  English dubbed Digimon (loved it!!!) The dubbers were so good at it.
  • Digimon aired in 1999, then came Digimon Adventure 2, Digimon Tamers.
  • Digivolution is a process used by Digimon; monsters that inhabit a parallel universe called the Digital World that spawned from Earth’s telecommunications network. Through Digivolution, a Digimon can develop into a more powerful being. (Digimon Wiki)

Angewomon Angewomon

Angewomon is Gatomon’s natural Ultimate form, a very powerful digimon. She has a sort of ethereal quality about her, which is why I decided to do her outfit. Celestial Arrow and Heaven’s Charm are two of her powers.


The cutout on the white dress mirrors Angewomon’s white body suit, albeit less risqué. I imagine an angel will want to accessorize with a glam headband and a necklace with wings detailing. Then, the double belt will add a masculine touch to her look. Because you can miss Angewomon’s penchant for gold and majestic violet – let there be a gold cage bangle and a sweet violet purse to complete!

Takeru Takaishi (TK) 


(Photo credits: 1)

T.K. is the youngest kid in the original Digimon series. His favorite colors must have been apple green, lime green, and forest green because that’s pretty much what he wears day after day! Although he is babied by his older brother Matt, TK eventually learns to be more independent after encountering the many situations the Digi-destined kids had to face in the parallel universe.

TK from Digimon

Keep in mind that this fashion set is tailored for the ladies out there, so to channel that adorkable green T.K. look, we need something sporty yet chic. I swapped his jeweled helmet with a much more wearable (and you can take it off *gasp*) baseball cap. Slip on a pair of chocolate capris shorts and a bright velour jacket and accessorize simple – a gold necklace. Finish off this fun sporty look with wedge sneakers and neon green crossbody bag.

Taichi Kamiya (Tai)


(photo credits: 1)

He is characterized as a happy-go-lucky, adventurous, but naïve character who wears a set of goggles. He is the older brother of Kari and can be very protective of her. As a brash person, he often acts on impulse without realizing the consequences of his actions. This leads him to moments of friction and guilt between his best friend and rival Matt, his oldest friend Sora, as well as his Digimon partner Agumon. He is the bearer of the Crest of Courage. (description credits to Digimon Wiki) Tai is the leader of the Digi-destined children, so it makes sense that he needs an outfit fit for a star.

Tai from Digimon

Tai always has his signature goggles, but let’s grab a pair of sunglasses instead, for practicality’s sake. If you like, you can try to find ones in the same colors (blue and black) like Tai’s eyewear. His goggles mostly serve as a fashion statement – not to mention to tame Tai’s unstoppable hair (harry potter had unmanageable hair too!). Get some hairspray and spray that hair to achieve your desired volume. Place a royal blue headband to pair with the sunglasses.  In the original Digimon Adventure, Tai never parts with his basic attire consisting of a blue T-shirt with a peek of a yellow shirt underneath. So find a yellow tank top and a blue blouse and viola. Don’t forget the cordoroy pants (or you can switch that out with a pair of skinnies), the star necklace, or the tennis shoes! Gloves are optional.



Lillymon is Palmon’s Ultimate form. She is a pixie type Digimon and look like a flower fairy. Her power is “Flower Canon”, which you can see from the bottom right picture (above).

This Digimon is so pretty, I can’t even… And get this, she goes from looking like a literal cactus (Togemon) into a flower fairy! It has been said that Lillymon can leave a trail of fresh air behind her, so no doubt, she needs her flowery smelling perfume. Don a pretty ombre pink dress and forest cape jacket to bring out the essence of Lillymon – a wardrobe of natural or plant-color clothing! Slip on a pair of chic boot heels in the same color as the cape to bring the outfit together. Finally, accessorize to your heart’s desire! Just don’t forget to get that big-eyed doe look with round sunglasses or circle lenses (whichever you prefer).
Who was your favorite DIGIMON character and why?
Which characters fashions do you want to see next?

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7 responses to “Digimon Character Fashions”

  1. sapphiresky says :

    HOLY SHIT I can’t believe you are a fan of Digimon, that’s like my first ever anime and I love it till today. I even met my hubby over my digimon site hahahahaa. OMG WOOOOW this is so exciting. I love that you did a post on the fashion, I certainly love it, OMG it’s nice to look back on all those awesome childhood memories and know that others also appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Interesting! Which digimon/characters were your favorite? Mine is Kari and Gatomon. Actually I don’t think I disliked any except a very few characters I found annoying, like a couple of the characters in Digimon season 2.

      • sapphiresky says :

        WOOOW mine was also Kari and Gatomon! I LOVE all the cute digi’s, i agree that I didn’t dislike any of the characters either. One of the sad things though is I can never seem to find anyone who likes all the seasons like I do, cos I really do love every season, and most people hate one of them which is too sad…
        But anyway, I REALLY love marineangemon, and alot of s3’s digi’s. They were just SO GREAT! i love how deep the characters were, I always remember after watching that on tv , i didn’t want to see anything else the morning!

  2. wootness says :

    Very impressive! Dang, I remember watching Digimon when I was a kid. You’re bringing back fond memories for me. 🙂

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Yea definitely one fantastic show to reminisce. This sounds old school now, but I remember recording the favorite episodes on vhs tapes. Any favorite characters or digimon?

  3. heisui says :

    Wow I would’ve never thought up of these outfits. O___O I’m impressed!! I like this kind of post where you do a few outfits all at once.

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Thank you! yea it’s great to keep the outfits like from the same show in one place (more organized), but it does make the post take longer to get published 😛

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