Love’s Bandage 愛的創可貼: Episode 1


The wait process to watch a mainland Chinese series will make you want to break a chair. It’s been a year and then some…? Sometimes you just have to pretend the drama doesn’t exist until you chance upon its videos or Cfensi reminds you that the show is on air. For this, it all comes down to how the main leads deliver. Yedda and Bryant make an incredibly successful and unexpected pairing, I’ll say! Love’s Bandage (also known as Our Love) is a new Chinese romantic comedy set in bustling, fashionable Shanghai. A lot of us were waiting for the day Bryant Chang becomes leading man (I dub thee one of the most deserving actors). Though Love’s Bandage isn’t about to break any new territory as far as romance-comedy is concerned, its still pretty good lighthearted fare. It’s like Taiwanese drama with a Mainland Chinese flair.





Another day in the life of Tang Shaolei (Bryant Chang), only that this guy is a CEO of a famous company called Ding Heng corp. Don’t miss the beginning even if you are tempted to, the first 5 minutes introduces the very important male lead (I apologize for a bit of snark here), his fiancee (Yang Rong), and Shaolei’s servant assistant Feng (Li Shuai). Shaolei challenges the foreigner, who is from a rival company, to a duel. As the two men proceeds with the fencing, there is tension in the air; fiancé and assistant Feng have plastered smiles on their faces. You sense something is up. Behind the scenes, people are rapidly typing away and stock prices are displayed. Shaolei emerges the triumphant winner at the same time the stock prices are revealed to be in Ding Heng’s favor. As Shaolei and fiancé turns the backs to leave the arena, the loser fumes and says something to the effect of “you will pay for this”.

Screenshot_13 (2)

Shaolei goes for a morning/afternoon run. He gets a feeling that he is being watched and suddenly there are vehicles piled up behind him, honking nonstop. It’s not the first time for Shaolei and he rolls his eyes. Right on cue, assistant Feng is by his side, along with his other assistants. Shaolei continues his jog as Feng reports to him his work schedule for the rest of the day. Suddenly, Shaolei stops. He stares intently at a new text message.


Haven’t seen you in a while!

Have you been well? Miss you!!” – Liang Ruojie

His first love.


Shaolei is in front of an old Shanghai-style apartment. He stares at himself – that’s right – himself from the past who is waving at Ruojie (the first love). He reminisces. 6

Meet short-crimped hair Zhong Keke (Yedda Chen), the heroine of our story. She just awoke and stares at her alarm in disbelief. Reminds me a lot of the girl from Personal Taste! Keke berates her dog Sanshi for not waking her up earlier. Sanshi just stares at his owner curiously. Keke sighs and gets ready to go outside.


She turns on the hose and -sPPPPPPallch- water gets everywhere, and in panicked mode…..

Screenshot_25 Screenshot_21 (2)

Whoops. Didn’t see you there, handsome.

Looks like Shaolei decided to revisit the residency of his old flame. Instead, this crazy girl who gave him a cold shower from a hose has become the apartment’s new owner. This is going to be interesting.

Screenshot_23 (2)

Shaolei is like, fml, but then recieves an urgent call from assistant Feng….

But somebody comes from behind and grabs him. Those guys/thugs/henchmen working for the rival company.Screenshot_26 Screenshot_25 (2)

Luckily, Keke, who has just come down from her apartment to go somewhere, sees Shaolei’s phone on the ground. Screenshot_28 Screenshot_29)

Keke comes to the rescue. She’s like don’t worry bro, I got yo back. After a quick mad dash/chase, the offenders are too far behind to chase them and they are safe. Screenshot_31 Screenshot_36

Of course, Keke prides herself on being the girl-knight-in-shining-armor and cheerfully tells Shaolei that he doesn’t need to pay her back. Only, Shaolei, the guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, doesn’t actually appreciate the help. Screenshot_38 Screenshot_48

Shaolei runs off with the motorcycle (which she affectionately dubbed “Little Red”). Keke, angry and fuming, meanwhile just realized she had to pick her brother up from the train station and jumps into a cab. Screenshot_44 Screenshot_49

This is Keke’s brother, Zhong Yifan. Yifan calls Keke, but she was forgetful and left her phone at home, so Yifan is stuck waiting in the station. Screenshot_52

A young boy wanders through the train station and sees a shiny keychain dangling from Yifan’s crossbody bag. He reaches for it….Yifan catches the boy in the act, believing him to be a thief, and scolds him for stealing. The boy cutely defends himself and they have this adorable interaction. This boy’s name is Dong DongScreenshot_43

Meanwhile fiancé Xu Ying and Tang Shaolei’s mother make a big entrance as representatives for collaboration between two major companies; Ding Heng (Shaolei’s mother) and Kang Yi (Xu Ying is the only daughter of the company’s owner). Meanwhile, Shaolei is rushing on his motorcycle. Xu Ying and Shaolei’s mother (lets call her Evil Mother, clues are plenty in this very scene) welcome the crowd of reporters during the ceremony/press conference.


All goes well for Xu Ying until a reporter from the crowd goes “Your relationship with Shaolei cannot be that simple right? Just a collaboration between Kang Yi and Ding Heng corp? Tell us more.” Other reporters nod and chime in their agreements.

Xu Ying fumbles and looks pained. Screenshot_56 Screenshot_55

At that moment of utter awkwardness, Shaolei finally arrives and joins Xu Ying on stage. He confirms that there is more than a business collaboration today. Shaolei: This is the perfect time for us to announce our engagement. Then he kisses Xu Ying’s hand in perfect angle for the photographers. Screenshot_57

The reporter, whose name is Yang Ming (Zou Tingwei) smiles to himself and exchanges a look with Xu Ying. Alas, it was a plan hatched to make Shaolei hurry up the engagement.


After Dong Dong and Yifan partways in the train station, Yifan sees a man who is dragging Dong Dong away. His intuition is that the man is a child trafficker and he was right. A fight ensues between Yifan and the man. Then the police comes and arrests the man. Screenshot_61

Meanwhile, Keke frantically looks around the station for Yifan. Screenshot_62Screenshot_64

Found each other! The siblings hug. Yifan proceeds to introduce the little boy, Dong Dong, to Keke. Dong Dong gives Keke a squeeze and proclaims, “Jiejie (sister), you are so pretty! Be my girlfriend.” Keke exchanges looks with Yifan as he just shrugs nonchalantly.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 1.28.24 PM

Yifan and Dong Dong gape at Keke, who is leashing out her anger at her motorcycle-stealer… on a slice of cake. She moans about her Little Red and Yifan tries to comfort her: “Don’t get too upset! We’ll go buy another ride, a Big Red! How’s that?”

Keke cheers up a little, but questions him why he isn’t helping their parents run their village resort. Yifan pauses to sip his drink, then blinks quickly and stutters that its nothing. It’s cute that Yifan is obviously lying because he’s blushing and mutters nonsense. Keke detects it right away and calls him out on it. He finally admits that he escaped the resort without his parent’s approvals. Keke makes him promise he won’t lie to her. Screenshot_67

Here’s Shaolei’s brooding expression. Earlier in the afternoon, he made it clear to Evil Mother that the engagement was just for show and that he does not like Xu Ying. Evil mother protests, but Shaolei stands his ground. He adds, “I’ve already told you, unless I find Shao Ying (Joanne Tseng), I won’t get married.” Evil Mother brushes that off, and refuses to believe that. She realizes that he’s probably still waiting for his first love Ruojie to come back for him. After the talk, he reminsces to how his sister Shao Ying ran away from the family. “Time went by so fast, It’s already 8 years…” he sighs. Screenshot_68 Screenshot_69

The siblings walk with Dong Dong sandwiched between them, prodding him on where he’s from and where his parents are. Dong Dong refuses to answer Keke. Just as Keke and Yifan discuss whether to care for him before his parents come for him, he disappears.Screenshot_70 Screenshot_71

Cut to Shaolei riding his motorcycle heading out. At the red light, two teenagers in a luxurious-looking car take note of his nice motorcycle and invite Shaolei to race with them. Shaolei scoffs and rides off…. the car follows him, challenging him. Meanwhile the siblings decided to split ways in search of missing Dong Dong. Screenshot_73 Screenshot_75

Keke spots him crossing the street. A smile of relief runs over her, and Keke calls out to Dong Dong.Screenshot_76 Screenshot_77

Shaolei and the two guys sped around the corner and are about to reach the same crosswalk….


Good setup of characters and setting on the first episode. My favorite has to be all of Keke-Shaolei’s initial interactions and the Zhong siblings! I’m glad Shaolei stole Little Red because now he is indebted to Keke 😛 Shaolei’s runaway sister has yet to appear, only in the flashbacks, but it is inevitable that her story will tie together the destinies of all the other characters in the series. The actress who plays Evil Mother is unbelievable as a mother. You don’t even have a heart, woman. Or, you are just not convincing acting as someone else’s mother, your pick.

Yedda Chen (I prefer to call her Chen Yanfei) has natural charm and acting talent that immediately engages the viewer. In Dulala’s Promotion, even when she was only the supporting actress, she totally stole some limelight from Wang Luo Dan (another great actress!). Yanfei is probably one of the few girls who can pull off that kind of crimped hair and look totally adorable.

2013-04-12 00.01.41

Bryant Chang – okay he just went from boyish to hot. I’m serious, google some of his older pictures. I think he lost some baby fat in his cheeks or something. If you remember all the way back, he was in both Tokyo Juliet and Love Contract with Ariel Lin, and he was my favorite supporting character. Now he is finally getting a taste of leading man – he’s also in True Love 365 with costar Joanne Tseng, who is his sister in this drama.

2013-04-12 00.03.31

Other star players so far:

Yang Ming, the reporter – he’s pretty down-to-earth and further on in the series, he’s about to be my favorite character because he is loyal to his friends, but someone who knows to keep his distance when he needs to – in other words, a girl’s best friend.

2013-04-11 23.38.57

Zhong Yifan – he’s kindhearted and already shows signs of a perfect economic boyfriend… good Fei Cheng Wu Rao material! 2013-04-11 23.42.33

Dong Dong – the cutest kid after Xiao Xiao Bin.  2013-04-11 23.43.01

If you watched this episode, tell me what you think about the series in the comments below. If you haven’t, well I hoped you enjoyed the eye candy screencaps. Ya’ll who do recaps, I bow down to you. Screencapturing is a very time consuming process from this experience. 


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7 responses to “Love’s Bandage 愛的創可貼: Episode 1”

  1. heisui says :

    UGH you are right, it takes so long for c-dramas to be released!!! T__T I feel like the c-drama season is really slow right now. And I haven’t even heard of this drama before so thanks for recapping it!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      You still have your Itazura na Kiss to enjoy! Sometimes I wish cdramas would film more closer to the air date so we wouldn’t have already seen literally all the posters and trailers (and sometimes one can’t help but peek at the extended ones which totally spoil the story).

      • heisui says :

        Yes but even with Itazura na Kiss I feel a void in my heart with no c-drama to watch!!! *overly dramatic*

        I knowww I feel like I’ve heard about all the upcoming c-dramas (or at least the popular ones) and yet they are taking forever to be released.

  2. Nutella says :

    Seems like a cute drama~ I remember the lead from Single Princesses, and Bryant Chang… well, it’s about time they made him lead, though prissy chaebol wouldn’t be what I would have liked to pick for him.. I would have loved it if he had picked maybe a more Li Da Ren character, but I guess there’s always the next drama ^w^

    Btw, where are you watching the episodes? I was watching on youku, but everyone speaks so fast (as usual), and I speak suuupperr slow, so I always feel like I’m missing out half of what they’re saying >.<;;

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Ideally, yea, Bryant should try to pick more complex/3D characters, would like to see him leading more serials in the future! I haven’t seen Single Princesses but Yanfei (Yedda) was awesome in Dulala’s Promotion.

      Actually, I watched it on Youku as well. More or less, but I think the dialogue is much more difficult to comprehend in period series. I usually just try to see the gist via expressions and key words in ancient-themed shows where they use archaic wording

  3. V says :

    For the recap! Any where this has English subtitles? Awesome soundtrack 🙂

  4. umif says :

    Hi bumbleberri…thanks for the recap.
    but where’s the other episod?

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