Female Prime Minister (Fashion)

Female Prime Minister fashion
The gorgeous color combinations of Lu Zhen and Dan Niang’s outfits in Legend of Lu Zhen 陆贞传奇 (or as previously dubbed Female Prime Minister) are a sight to behold. My personal favorite was the cobalt blue and bright yellow outfit, which is my modern interpretation below:
Female Prime Minister
I came up with a feminine yet fierce outfit comprised of a yellow dress and cobalt blue motorcycle jacket. Legend of Lu Zhen is about the rise of China’s first female prime minister, so she has to be tough, hence the motorcycle jacket. The palace women sported jewelry on their heads, but instead of a hairpiece, I opted for a jeweled headband to mimic the look in minimalist fashion. The Northern Qi palace attire reminded me a lot of Tang dynasty (if not, then Yu Zheng’s fault -_-), and the teal sash belt not only brings together the look, but also can be seen as a key part of Tang women garb. Finally, here’s a matching blue purse and crochet slip-ons to offset the masculine motorcycle jacket.
And hey! It just so happened that Zhao Li Ying (who plays Lu Zhen) wore a very similar yellow dress to the Shanghai Film Festival….
P.S. I snuck a peek at the end of the drama…Lolz. I know a bunch of people are watching this, so I won’t spoil it for ya! I didn’t like it at all. Bad ending. How could they change the tone and fast forward so many years in like 15 minutes? I’m gonna leave it at that.
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2 responses to “Female Prime Minister (Fashion)”

  1. dramatictealeaves says :

    When I saw the end I basically sighed and decided that they should have ended about 10 minutes before they ended. They tried to for gravitas and failed miserably. For some reason, a lot of Chinese drama romanticize pain and death. I agree with you though about the fashion. Also I love Xiao Gui Fei’s clothes, it’s all really really pretty. There are a couple outfits I think that Lu Zhen pulls off too when she rises in the ranks. I love your interpretations!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Ugh I know! I was literally waiting for the two leads to get together without any foreboding/some sort of devastating event since it was mostly a romance drama in the end. The point of the last scene with Chen Xiao was lost on me lol pretty cruel way for all the Lu Zhen and Chen Xiao shippers. T-T
      Hey I’m glad you liked them. Styling character inspired fashion is quite addictive.

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