Singer Bii Releases “Come Back to Me” for New Taiwanese Drama

We’ve seen EXO and M4M, two korean boy groups that are composed of Chinese boys. Now I introduce to you a Chinese singer who is actually mixed Taiwanese-Korean. This 23-year old’s name is Bi Shujin 毕书尽 and goes by the stage name “Bii“. You may have heard of this guy’s voice, in fact, if you have chanced upon the new teaser for George Hu and Annie Chen’s new drama “Love Around”, its theme song is sung by him! Name another singer who’s tried to interweave Chinese and Korean in one song. This one is titled Come Back to Me.

By the way, does he not look a bit like Lu Han from EXO? Hehe.

Here’s another song by Bii. He collaborated with makeup artist-turned-singer Chen Shi An 陳勢安 on a song called Be Imperative 勢在必行.

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9 responses to “Singer Bii Releases “Come Back to Me” for New Taiwanese Drama”

  1. Nutella says :

    Oohh I like his voice~ And he looks like a mix of Luhan, Kris, and Show Luo ^w^

  2. SJZGloria says :

    Why are all the talented people come from such sad backgrounds? I really hope he makes it big

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Yea, me too. I became a fan after Come Back to Me, so would like to see him releasing more music soon! In the meantime, I think Bii seems to concentrate on doing drama OST music like Alan

      • SJZGloria says :

        He seems like such a teenage rebel that finally grew up, but lost some of his daring. I cried watching this interview

  3. todaycommai says :

    Oh! I didn’t know of him under I saw the episode where he showed up to “Kang Xi Lai Le”! I do like his voice 🙂

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Hey thanks for leaving a comment! love your joint blog 🙂
      Yes, and he seems really confident with his singing because he sang live for most of his performances! Can’t wait for more songs from this guy.

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