American Dreams in China – a rags-to-riches nostalgia story


Three things I love already:

1) Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei in one movie.


2) The setting is the turn of the 1980s, so it plays upon nostalgia like movies You’re The Apple of My Eye and Zhao Wei’s debut film So Young. We get to see Dawei walk around campus in hippie hair and everyone riding bicycles.

3) All things entrepreneurship. How people can made a huge difference. I’ve always had lot of respect and fascination for the entrepreneurs.

Teaser and more pictures below

The story follows three friends who eventually build a billion dollar corporate empire by tutoring Chinese students English. Apparently this is a true story based on New Oriental‘s success. Huang Xiao Ming and his co-stars went on an interview show where   they reminiscence their college days and childhoods. Deng Chao: “At [my acting school], we would know which guy was going to meet a girl at so-and-so’s time at the parking lot and all the boys would bring their flashlights and run to the location and shine a light at the couple whilst they were sharing a passionate kiss. Good old days.”


The actors (top picture),  real founders of New Oriental (bottom picture), not really for comparison purposes because they obviously don’t look like, but for those who were curious about the people behind the true success story


Huang Xiao Ming in promo poster: “Don’t Make Me Be Successful!” failed highschool exams, failed chasing after girls, failed at teaching

The film was released on May 18th 2013. ‘American Dreams’ hit its 100 million RMB in China’s box office and topped USA’s Iron Man 3 in the domestic market.

American Dreams in China – <中国合伙人> – zhongguo hehuo ren (Chinese partner people)

ENTREPRENEURSHIP/to become an ENTREPRENEUR – <创业> – chuang Ye

movie – <电影> – dian ying

Nostalgic – <怀旧> – Huai Jiu


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5 responses to “American Dreams in China – a rags-to-riches nostalgia story”

  1. heisui says :

    Wow the movie sounds great, and it’s even more appealing since it is based on a true story! I hope they release this internationally on netflix or something!

  2. emilyrliu93 says :

    Eep! Huang Xiao Ming, Dong Da Wei and Deng Chao looking soo adorkable!
    You know, I think someone in my dorm’s dad is like the CEO of New Oriental? O.O I’ve even talked to him… he’s intimidating, but none of the dudes in the photo look like him so I dunno.

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