Enter M4M: The New Boyband on the Chinese and Korean Pop Scene (SONG + PICS)


Alen, the main vocalist of M4M


Vinson is the main dancer of the group

No they’re not another kpop boyband. Well…yes, and no. All the members are Chinese, but like EXO-M, they debuted in both China and Korea. But Chinese boys singing in Chinese = cpop boyband, right?! Anyways, M4M, upon first impression, is like the mature and much less awkward brother of EXO-M. Jimmy & Alen caught my eye on the get-go, because Jimmy reminded me of Jang Geun Suk with his long hairstyle and Alen looks like he came right out of a manga. Right now I can’t decide whether Alen looks like Yamapi, Chen Xuedong, or Michael Zhang. M4M’s debut single is called “Sadness” which was released on March 12th [insert some joke about kpop song titles]. “Sadness” currently ranks #5 in YinYueTai’s music charts.

To see more screenshots from the mv, Alen-centric…

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12

*these screen captures are taken by yours truly, please credit UnderratedGems or link back if you are using.

From interviews, I found Bin and Vinson to be especially likeable. Bin revealed that he took up the rapper role of the group because he talks particularly fast and has rarely gets tongue-twisted. Vinson is originally from Taiwan and quite a boyish and funny one from M4M. Alen is modest and definitely well-spoken. Jimmy acts quite girlish in the interviews (doesn’t help that he’s wearing a pink cardigan and curly hair) and he actually has this ‘foreign sounding’ thick accent when speaking mandarin Chinese, but that’s because he’s from Hong Kong.

If requested, I can do a quick post introducing each member from M4M.

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