Hello Gorgeous’ Incredible OST And Other Updates


I’m currently watching Hello Gorgeous (华丽一族) and Our Love (爱的创可贴 which actually means Love’s Bandage). Both TV series fall squarely into idol drama territory, which means a predictable storyline, incredibly attractive people, or (usually) both. I’m finding that I am fastforwarding a lot of Hello Gorgeous and a little less with Love’s Bandage so I’m considering recapping the latter to share the light fun tone of this series with everyone 🙂

Even with its filler scenes and 2-dimensional characters (though female lead Li Xin Ru is doing a pretty good job), Hello Gorgeous has managed to sustain my interest with its breathtaking soundtrack; its perfectly placed instrumentals, theme song and insert songs distracts you from noticing many of the flaws in the story. Check them out below!

The first one is my favorite, sung by female lead Li Xin Ru and played in emotional/sentimental scenes:

The theme song is also sung by Li Xin Ru and a very pretty song

Another really nice insert song sung by Cui Yan (I don’t think she’s very well-known yet, couldn’t find a lot of info on this singer). Her voice is beautiful though.

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4 responses to “Hello Gorgeous’ Incredible OST And Other Updates”

  1. heisui says :

    Thanks for sharing these great songs! I think I will steer clear of these dramas for now since they are idol dramas. >_< But I am looking forward to your recaps!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Recaps will be up soon, man screen capping takes forever to do :/
      Haruma is looking goood in your last Cinderella posts 😉 I swear he gets more attractive in every newer series (but his acting still needs some work)

      • heisui says :

        LOL I see you are creeping on Haruma through my posts 😛 I agree he needs to improve his acting, even though he has been in a lot of dramas there is still a lot of room for improvement!

        I’m looking forward to your recaps! 😉

  2. Joanne says :

    thanks for your share~~ i’ve been looking for this. Anyway there’s still one more beautiful soong in there, it was sung by male voice, i’m not really sure but the song often came out when it was Yu Tian’s sad moment. if anyone could find it, please tell me. thanks. 🙂

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