Song Of the Week: “Fool” By Juniel and Yonghwa (CN Blue)



Can we first comment on those biceps and those lips? Let us revisit those You’re Beautiful days when Yonghwa was the second choice for protagonist Minam. Second choice?! Not anymore, Mr. Biceps. All kidding aside, check out Juniel and Yonghwa’s duet song “Fool”, which was released in mid-2012. Juniel’s voice is soothing yet powerful and solid, very much like what netizens like to dub her, the young IU. Her voice is paired with Yonghwa’s smooth-as-chocolate vocals in this acoustic ballad. And to comment on the music video, the directors made the perfect decision to combine this song with an equally dreamy backdrop, a roadtrip/RV trailer setting, which fits with the innocent summertime love theme. “Fool” has a catchy beat with lullaby undertones, what’s not to love?


Have a listen and tell me what you think.

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One response to “Song Of the Week: “Fool” By Juniel and Yonghwa (CN Blue)”

  1. Rh says :

    So, the boy is turning into a man. 🙂 Ahhh… Somewhere he said that he didn’t like his lips, but to this Ajumma, those lips, that face, those eyes, and now biceps?!? Ah, be still my beating heart.

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