Chinese Romance Movies to Watch for in 2013

Before I say anything, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. It has been difficult getting back into the swing of blogging after winter break and final exams. I shall try and try and try some more. Thank you to all the readers who has checked back for new posts for the last two months. three movies

To: All romance lovers, c-novel readers, and fans of Eddie Peng/Yang Mi/Han Geng/Zhao Wei/Ke Zhen Dong (and the list goes on), you are in for a treat this spring. Without doubt, two high profile novel-to-film adaptations Tiny Times and So Young are making their marks in the box office. Adding to the fun is A Wedding Invitation starring Bai Baihe (Love Is Not Blind) and Eddie Peng (Hear Me), will be released early this April. For for more information on these films and my commentary

Tiny Times


The story chronicles four women from university to post-graduation, touching upon friendships, love and career in a modern, materialistic setting. Yang Mi headlines the series as Lin Xiao, a college student who interns at a fashionable magazine company and meets cold but handsome Gong Ming. – adapted from Global Times

Lately, I’ve picked up Tiny Times again. Underneath all the carefully-worded imagery and literary devices Guo employs, it comes back to me again and again as one of those fluffy taiwanese idol series. However, the tone of the newly-released movie posters seem to indicate a more serious and even surreal quality which confuses me. They show the characters standing with unsmiling faces set in front gray backgrounds (like in the first photo upper left). What gives?  Anywho, I’ll still be watching for some of that Gu Li – Gu Yuan plotline – Ke Zhen Dong and Amber Kuo – which from what I have read in the novel, is heartwarming and sweet. Also, Yang Mi and the French-Taiwanese Rhydian are adorable from the Tiny Times press conferences, so there’s that! Before we get our movie teaser, this is the extent I can speculate.

So Young


So Young is about a young girl, Zheng Wei, who has to make a choice between her first love and her boyfriend from college, when both men return from their studies to seek her love. – Asia Pacific Arts

So Young is actress Zhao Wei’s directorial debut (this is literally the tagline for all the news reports for this movie). Former SJ-member Han Geng is obviously the spotlight, with Mark Chao (Black & White) being the other to-watch-for male lead. Up to now, I still have no idea who the female lead is. I’ve seen her from the movie teaser but that hasn’t piqued enough interest in me to do research on her. Anyways, So Young has that nostalgic quality that gives off a You Are the Apple of my Eye vibe – definitely for viewers who want to relive their youth and I’ll bet a lot of post-80s Chinese adults can relate to this story. But the trailer also hints melancholy, so viewers can probably expect a lot of heartbreak and crying Han Geng and crying Mark Chao.

A Wedding Invitation


Li Xing and Qiao Qiao grew up together and are in love. When the two are about to graduate from college, Li Xing proposes to Qiao Qiao but is rejected. She says that the reason is “Li Xing can not meet her material conditions”, but he does not know there is another reason behind this. So the two angrily reached an agreement …… “If five years later, both are single they would get married”. Upon the expiration of five years, Qiao Qiao believes that Li Xing is still waiting for her, but unexpectedly receives a call from Li Xing that he is getting married. – TheUnderratedGems

If Eddie Peng is the king of comedy, then Bai Baihe is the equal when it comes to witty banter. Granted, this is given that the script is good. But it can’t be denied that both actors have extremely good timing and emotional range in the respective series and movies I’ve seen them in. As their first collaboration work, I hope they can do well in the box office.


the “mini” Hu Ge from fantasy cdrama, Xuan Yuan Sword is male lead numero two

I am happy for Bai that her rising career doesn’t seem to be compromised unlike a lot of young, married actresses in China. After her box office hit Love is Not Blind with costar Wen Zhang, Bai Baihe is making a smooth transition from the small screen to silver screen fame.

movie showings

movie premiere dates from April to June is packed with goodness

Let me know in the comments below which movies you are looking forward to!

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6 responses to “Chinese Romance Movies to Watch for in 2013”

  1. heisui says :

    I don’t really know what to expect from Tiny Times. It seems like an idol movie but at the same time it has slice-of-life vibes from the stills. O_O I am curious about how the cast will do, particularly Yang Mi & Amber Kuo.

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Guess we’ll find out in June when the movie comes out! Yang Mi’s acting has been meh for the past year so I wouldn’t expect too much but i heard Guo Jingming was pretty strict as director so maybe she decided to work harder to fit her role this time around.
      Wonder why its taking the tv series of Tiny Times forever to air…. Hasn’t it been over a year? It’d be fun to kinda compare it to the movie when it comes out 😛

      • heisui says :

        Yeah I want Yang Mi to improve her acting, even in some of her other previous movies she just does not leave a huge impression on me. =_=

  2. Nutella says :

    Oooohh Welcome back~ It’s been a long time since a post of yours has graced my notifications~ I do understand what you mean by trying to get back in.. I haven’t even touched my blog since the beginning of the year.. I’ll try and get back once I’m done with my exams (I am so envious that you’ve finished yours).

    All the movies this year sound so intriguing~ I want to watch all of them, but some of them I want to watch with someone (*cough*So Young*cough*, which btw, I’m calling by it’s original name of “Our Eventually Lost Youth” to make a point), elsewise I’ll just die of excessive angst and crying.

    For Tiny Times, I’m looking forward to both the show and the movie, although I wonder what the point is of doing the story twice… scared that I might overdose on it… but I love both casts, so Imma do it anyway, I suppose..

    Also: Yay for A Wedding Invitation because it has that dreamy summery feeling (which is somewhat reminiscent of Wayward Kenting, natch) that I long for after living in a very cold place (for me) for far too long (for me).

    Hmm.. Apart from all of these, also looking forward to Ripples of Desire, not because of the story, but because I love the main cast to bits~ Oh, and that reminds me, not a movie, but looking immensely forward to Lan Ling Wang as well~

    Are you watching any dramas recently? (The only one I would currently recommend is Borrow Your Love, tbh, and that too mainly because of Dylan Kuo~)

    Oh, and where is that schedule from? I feel bad for When a wolf falls in love with a sheep because it seems like the odd one out xP

    And after that terribly looooonnngg loonnnngggggg post, Imma run away and stop procrastinating writing my paper >.<;;

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Yeah I feel like I haven’t written in forever. Totally itching to write so I had to come back 😀
      Been watching quite a lot of mainland dramas lately, lots of oldies but some new series as well. Might start doing some lengthier reviews for them if I have time 🙂
      Haha I love Dylan! (but he’s definitely aging haha, the good old The Outsider hunk is gone) The last time I saw him was in Knock Knock Love (i think that is what it was called?) with Maggie Wu and Ming Dao. He was cute but rocked an unflattering hairstyle.
      There are a lot more movies I didn’t cover, but it’s all on here. And Wolf Meets Sheep looks so cute from the trailer! I didn’t know about that movie until after I wrote this post. It’s K Zhen Dong in You’re The Apple Of My Eye, round two! I recognize the girl from Fondant Garden, she’s a good actress.
      Lan Ling Wang with Ariel! Ohh when is that coming out?

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