Introducing the Characters of Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times movie adaptation


Despite what I said earlier about my hesitation for the chemistry of Yang Mi and Ke Zhen Dong in upcoming Chinese movie Tiny Times 1.0 (小时代), I am more than excited now that the entire cast is revealed, and the fact that first press for Guo Jing Ming’s movie was misleading after all, no Yang Mi and Ke don’t play lovers. This ensemble cast is the most beautiful I’ve laid eyes on in Chinese entertainment thus far. That’s saying a lot. You just need to know that it’s a lot of pretty. Below the cut are character stills (yay! we finally figure out who our main leads are for Tiny Times!). Oh my. Feng Xiao Yue is my new obsession thanks to this movie.Those sexy half-Asian chiseled model types who have the ability for explosive chemistry with a rock aren’t exactly bad for our eyeballs. .


Feng Xiao Yue (aka Rhydian Vaughan) looking dapper next to Yang Mi


The girls having fun posing next to famed author, Guo Jing Ming


This is our university grad, main girl, Lin Xiao. Upon beginning work at an acclaimed magazine publishing company (i think), two men enter her life…


This is Gong Min. Will Lin Xiao choose the cold-blooded CEO? (who is fantastically charismatic without trying)


Or will she fall in love with Gong Ming’s little bro, Chong Guang? (omg is it just me, or does he look like Narimiya Hiroki?? or a hottie straight from a manga)


Gu Li is another female protagonist in this movie. She is Lin Xiao’s best friend.


Gu Yuan is dating Gu Li but has family pressure to date someone even wealthier (grabbed this part of description from viki haha, cause I don’t know all the characters)


Nan Xiang is the beautiful, emo, and artsy friend of Lin Xiao with a past


Jiang Chao plays Xi Cheng (Nan Xiang’s ex) who is a BADBOY. Who could have guessed? This guy was born to play badboys.


Tang Wan Ru, who completes the four best friends. She is imperfect, athletic one of the bunch. She romances….


….This jocky hunk. But the two have a complicated relationship wherein he dated Nan Xiang for a while


I have no clue who this is actually. He needs a better suit methinks.

Mark your calendars, Tiny Times will premiere in China on July 27th 2013. I’m definitely going to see this, for the better or for the worse. I think with a cast including Ke Zhen Dong and Feng Xiao Yue, there’s going to be a bonus eye candy factor, even if the story isn’t all that well executed (although I doubt that since Guo Jing Ming is directing his own movie, I’ve heard he is a perfectionist so he won’t let that happen).


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  1. Erin says :

    These descriptions of characters are not accurate at all.

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