Introduction to Chinese Hottest Microblog


Chinese microblog Sina WeiBo (mostly referred to as Weibo) has become massively popular among Mainland Chinese young adults. Since many social networking sites have been blocked by the government, you’d think that the Chinese would have more controlled entertainment. Well, since many popular existing social networks have been banned by the Chinese government, Weibo happened. In essence, Weibo is a dolled up, morphed version of Twitter+Facebook+Instagram. If that doesn’t sound awesome, I don’t know what does.


Neglecting Weibo for a month, I accessed Weibo to discover a surpising update: users can now upload a cover picture on top of having a profile picture. Is it just me, or a certain ‘cover picture’ thing happened with Facebook just a few months ago? This is one of the many Weibo updates that have adapted features from popular social neworks. Here are some other things to note about Weibo:

1) Mainland, HK, and Taiwanese celebrities use this to connect with their fans, how celebrities use Twitter. Chinese celebrities can send up-to-minute photos, messages, and ‘retweets’ to their followers.

2) I used to associate Weibo with Twitter. Now it includes Facebook and Instagram features too. What more can you ask for? My favorite features are the photo filters that you can spice up your pictures. One useless feature I found was the WeiboChat. FacebookChat is convenient for FB because people you add are people whom you would actually chat casually with, not exactly the case here with Weibo…

3) Weibo helps me learn more Chinese! I’m pretty fluent in conversational Chinese and can read, but there are still difficult vocab I need to learn. If you follow a couple dozen people, I can assure you, every 5 minutes, you’ll recieve a bunch of updates about life advices/beauty tips/celebrity…er updates. But if you aren’t up to date with internet slang, words like “sha B” and “神马” and “吊丝” will go over your head, leaving you to wonder – WTF?

*Weibo app is avaliable on Android and iPhones! Weibo has an English layout on the phone version, which is convenient for you guys who want to get on some Chinese social networking sites but can’t read Chinese.


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4 responses to “Introduction to Chinese Hottest Microblog”

  1. heisui says :

    Cool I didn’t know Weibo also has an English language version. I have heard about it but never tried it out.

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