“Drama Go Go Go” First Impressions

lately I been too addicted to historical detective stories like Detective Di Renjie to follow up on this series, but since I already have this written, why not publish it anyways? Enjoy 😛 here’s my take on drama go go go


I was convinced from the teaser that JieJie Marching Forward (now renamed “Drama Go Go Go“) was bound to fall prey to the horrors of bad, exaggerated romantic-comedy. After all, comedy is rather difficult to write and even more to execute to satisfy viewers. Since this is the first work produced by Ruby Lin’s new studio, I had very low expectations of it. What a surprise! Drama Go Go Go blew my socks off with solid first couple of episodes. Though I’m still getting a strong idol drama vibe, I like that the director of this series knows to tone down the fluff and show more substance in the story. Drama Go Go Go is a currently airing Taiwanese romcom with Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang and Lin Geng Xin.


Eason backhugs Ming hopeless romantic, Ming Ming

Story: Wang Ming Ming (played by Ruby) is a hopeless romantic screenwriter who is a fangirl of ‘guo xi’ boyband who Eason (played by Jiro) is a member of. Ming Ming is apart of a new drama production wherein the male lead actor dropped out last minute. Ming Ming of course, recommends Eason to the producer to play the male lead. Eason, desperately wanting to secure his place as male lead so his popularity can be boosted, agrees to his manager to pretend to like Ming Ming so she could write more scenes for him. Sparks are bound to fly between the older woman and younger man, however, are they sincere on Eason’s part? (I hope this synopsis is clearish, I hate writing synopsis because I can never fit in what I want to say)


Where does our bubujingxin prince fit in all this? Lin Geng Xin plays a guy called Shaotian, who is unfortunately, Ming Ming’s friend who Ming Ming treats like a little brother. Bad news for all the people who are more on the Shaotian-MingMing ship(haha heisui)…I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in my romcom experience, no second lead male (especially if he is friendzoned) has ever trumped the main love interest. However if this were outside of dramaland, heck, who is so blind not to take advantage of the fact that Lin Geng Xin is living with you? Only Ming Ming would… Sigh, this girl.

Some things I do find frustrating about this series: Why are you so naive, Ming Ming? It wouldn’t have hurt to learn your lesson from experiences with your past lovers. Eason, I hate your outdated perm. Please keep your natural, fluffy hair as much as possible. Shaotian, do something. Show, sometimes I wonder if Eason and Shaotian’s roles were reversed…. 😉

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3 responses to ““Drama Go Go Go” First Impressions”

  1. misscupcakees says :

    Ahahahas, yeah, I agree, Ming Ming is really naive, plus she is really innocent and too pure. Ahahahas! I mean she is living with Shao Tian who clearly has feelings towards that are more than just friendship!

  2. aehyu says :

    I adore LGX in this series, he’s just too adorable, and the kiss in the 1st ep had me cracking up 😀

  3. heisui says :

    “Bad news for all the people who are more on the Shaotian-MingMing ship(haha heisui)…”

    AHAHAHA YES. *tear* I know poor Shao Tian has no chance, but he is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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