Airplane Essentials for Winter Trips


When traveling, less is more. If you can’t tell already, not only do I love discussing TV dramas, I love my packing. Hey, I even included a checklist for you last minute packers! Take a look at my fashion guide for long flights to get tips on what to wear for the airport, and what you should remember to bring on carry-on. This winter, I’m going to China. From the States, depending on where you live, expect to be on the plane for about 10 to 15 hours if you are making a trip to Asia. Keep updated with all the fun stuff I will be sharing via my Weibo (@Bumbleberri). Remember that this is for winter, so continue to check for updates from the weather channel of your destination. Here is my must-haves in my packing list, plus international travel tips.

::: TIPS :::


+ Are you an over-packer? Need it, or toss it. Just think about all the extra lifting and grunting and wrestling with 40+ pounder luggage you’d have to do. Plus, lighter physical burden equals to lighter mental burden for me, which is an asset in long flights which can make anyone cranky and stressed out.

+ Not sure what shoes you are going to wear? The less frills the better. If your destination is below zero weather, make sure you bring along a pair of cozy boots (BearPaw brand is a personal favorite!). Since we know that airplane air pressure will make feet swell, keep that in mind and choose a pair of shoes you can lace up rather than slip on. Yes to tennis shoes. If you’re feeling like an upgrade for whatever reason, you can wear wedge sneakers! As far as I know, a good pair of wedge sneakers can be comfy and lengthify your figure.

+ Power snacks for flights: Pack dried fruit like dried cherries or dried mangos for energy. Beef or turkey jerky is also a great source of energy that you’ll need to power your way through a long flight.

+ To Makeup and Contact lense wearers! Once upon a time I thought makeup was a-okay, but now I don’t really believe in all that hassle. This is assuming you are on a plane with strangers that approach only when you are queuing up for the lavatory (which holds true about 99 percent of the time). Plus the drying effect of the airplane will be particularly visible on your skin if you have caked on makeup and forgot to remove it. But I’m all for applying makeup after flight! One alternative for those who have eye circles is utlizing those trendy fob glasses to cover yo naked face. I don’t wear contact lenses on flight because my eyes get so dry with them on flight that I have blink about every 2 seconds.

+ Sleeping on flight? Yeah, I’d suggest getting in a good amoung of sleep if you are in for a flight more than 5 hours long. Rather than spending that time watching a preloaded movie or journal writing, I prefer waking up to hear the beautiful voice of the pilot saying something to this effect: “We have landed. Thank you for joining us on flight today.” Oh, and of course you should invest in a good pair of headphones to block out noise (babies, the elderly, whatnot) as well as a comfortable eyemask.

::: CHECKLIST (you are welcome to adapt this list to cater to your needs) ::::

Have I covered all the bases? What other must-haves would you bring on board?

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3 responses to “Airplane Essentials for Winter Trips”

  1. Nutella says :

    Ooohh pretty good list, definitely very useful..

    Hmm.. few things I would suggest.. pack something like granola bars to munch on during plane rides (I would say things like chocolate or brownies or cookies too, if you’re feeling like indulging yourself).

    Also, if you have a pair of really thick, comfy, warm socks, wear those on the plane and don’t wear shoes.

    Hmm, and keep a couple of handkerchiefs or bandannas on you, they’re incredibly multipurpose~

    • Bumbleberri says :

      good tips! def bringing snacks; I’d probably bring sliced fruits and chocopie. Yum. Haha I agree with the socks >shoes while on the airplane, muchhh more comfortable and less constricting

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