Ariel Lin Yi Chen Reveals Her Tips On Beauty and Diet


Ariel Lin (Lin Yi Chen) shares with viewers her tips for good health and beauty

Ming Ren Sou Shen is a Taiwanese entertainment video series on the subject “what’s in my purse” for celebrities. Watch the video to find out what Ariel likes to tote around and for health advice. Even past the 30-year age mark, Ariel maintains her youthful skin and a set of pearly whites. Useful lifestyle tips that you are consider no matter your age!

BEAUTY TIP #1: Don’t brush your teeth after you eat


Here’s what Ariel Lin says about this: don’t brush your teeth after you eat! After you’ve had food, the acid from what you have eaten will remain on the surface of your teeth, so the first thing you need to do to keep them pearly white is to use floss.

BEAUTY TIP #2: yes to fresh fruits, two times daily


Ariel’s mom packs her sliced fruits that she carries around in her purse to snack on. Ariel has a routine figured out for them! “I eat fruits split between two times a day, one serving about 30 minutes before lunch, and one at 4pm.

(that’s why her skin is so clear!!) Hey if you want good skin, maybe you can grab a few of Ariel’s tips and try em out.

BEAUTY TIP #3: Keep drinking warm water


Ariel pulls out a water thermos given to her by a fan and says drinking more warm water is important. I’ve heard of drinking more water, but never specifically hot or cold water. By the way, it’s always been cold water for me (growing up in a Western country, everyone around me did this too, it is common to drink cold water from the tap and at restaurants when you order food). But I did read somewhere that Chinese people drink warm/hot water because drinking hot water aids in digestion, breaks down the fatty things you consume, and prevents heart attacks. On the other hand, cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Or simply put, heated water is healthier and good for your stomach.

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