Jia Nailiang and Bai Baihe as post-80’s couple in “Rules Before A Divorce”

Jia and Bai give stellar acting to make each of their seperate characters memorable and engaging, but these two actors always seem to pick works with terrible plots and bland direction (I hope this will be different!)

Currently airing in China, this city/romance/slice of life series harbor a potentially excellent ensemble; Bai Bai He, Jia Nai Liang, Li Xiao Meng, Zheng Kai, Gao Lu, and Shi An. Ever feel like there are couples that will never materialize in real-life but you ship them nevertheless? Well I am. Jia Nai Liang and Bai Bai He lead a new Chinese TV series called Rules Before A Divorce. The trailer gives off a good impression – a touch of comedy, and covers all the bases of romance. The same director of Puberty meets Menopause with Du Chun and Ma Yi Li is principle director of this series. I remember the former series began very fascinating but melo-ed off after a few episodes. Hopefully Mr. Director has improved from his last work.

Our leading men “shuai ge”
Left to right: Da Wang (Jia Nai Liang), playboy Li Xin (Zheng Kai), and freelance photographer cutie i-always-forget-the-cutie’s-names

“Rules Before a Divorce” explores lighting marriages (a trend among China’s post-80s born) and lighting divorces that result from these hasty wedlocks in which these young couples are not prepared for. We have 3 main couples in this drama: Jia-Bai (central focus of the drama), younger man and OL lady, and finally a rich playboy with an innocent girl. These stories are interwoven because the main guys are good friends who are always there for each other. The direction this drama takes is not only problems with young couples that result in divorce, but also dabbles in what comes after these young couples divorce (which seems to be the main focus of the series). So we have in this series what is rarely reflected in real life – love that conquers all. Remarriages are in the forecast for “Rules Before a Divorce”, which is the way Chinese TV productions make happen to give optimism.

gorgeous cast ensemble

Gao Lu plays a classy OL Lady who falls in love with a poor photographer

Here’s the trailer of “Rules Before a Divorce”:

UPDATE: Looks like the side characters are beginning to overshadow out main couple. My favorite characters are the cutie photographer and the innocent younger sister of OL lady. Too bad they are not a couple together… their characters have their seperate love stories.  The actors who play their side roles are really upping their game with good acting!

I found this super adorable picture of the two to accompany this post ❤


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