Romance Comedy “Love’s Bandage” Releases Trailer and Stills with Bryant Chang and Yedda Chen

I think this has to be the most unexpected idol series pairing I’ve seen. However, “Love’s Bandage” looks so freaking good from the trailer! Bryant Chang, 27, has finally made a comeback to drama. I’ve come to know this Taiwanese actor with his memorable supporting roles both in “Tokyo Juliet” and “Love Contract”. Out of all the supporting actors who made it big this year, I believe that Bryant suits the title of leading man the most – I bet he’ll be the new Blue Lan with this project!! Yedda Chen, 28, has made her mark on well-known Chinese productions like “Du Lala’s Promotion” with Wang Luo Dan and “A Splendid Life” with Jerry Yan. This is Bryant’s first crossover drama into the Mainland Chinese industry, so I hope the best for him. As for Yedda, this model-turned-actress has just made a few appearances in Chinese productions before taking leading role here.

I usually hate these kinds of ajumma hairdos, but Yedda kinda rocks it here!

“Love’s Bandage” is a Shanghai production directed by a famous Taiwanese director whose made idol TV serie hits like “Prince to Frog”. Originally, I had read the synopsis in Chinese, but it was confusing so I am basing my drama snopsis on  the trailer. Tang Shaolei (Bryant Chang) is a rich boy who masqueraded his identity, which lost him his former girlfriend, who just wanted to marry a wealthy man. Devastated by his first love, Shaolei couldn’t bring himself to love again. That is, until he meets bubbly Zhong Keke (Yedda Chen) by chance because she lived in the same high-rise apartment his ex-girlfriend had. For some reason, he ran into troubles and had to room with Keke.

cute side characters, I forget who they are supposed to be

our proud leading cast Bryant, Yedda, general from Heartlock Jade Palace 2, and korean-like chinese actor I keep forgetting the name of

Like in most romantic-comedies, ShaoLei has a jealous, family-arranged girlfriend (played by Yang Rong). Actually, Shaolei needs to deal with three women: ex-girlfriend who comes back, current girlfriend, and the girl he loves. But unlike typical idol dramas, this Chinese production like to devulge into family life and generally makes dramas a balance of love, family, and career (hence the 30 episodes!). Honestly, judging from the trailer, I can already see there is chemistry between our leads. The boyish charm of Bryant Chang and bubbly-but-never-over-the-top personality Yedda eludes feel so right together! Can’t wait for this.

I’m used to Yang Rong as a bitchy scheming queen in period dramas, but now we’re in modern comedy and she’s a possessive girlfriend of Shaolei = same thing!

Our handsome Shaolei (the main guy that’s riiight)

The thing with Chinese drama teasers/trailers is that there’s a trick to watching them. 1/3 of the long trailer is all you need to peek at the story without draining all the juice the drama will offer. My pet peeve with Chinese trailers is they will always reveal up until the last five minutes of the finale episode. Therefore, a good tip is to just watch about 1/3 of it to keep yourself unspoiled. So keep in mind this as you watch!


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3 responses to “Romance Comedy “Love’s Bandage” Releases Trailer and Stills with Bryant Chang and Yedda Chen”

  1. Nutella says :

    I feel.. intrigued and benevolent towards this drama.. although I can see myself skipping many many minutes of evil girlfriend and general angst~ I shall be positive and hope that there is much fluff in this one (although it doesn’t look like it by the trailer.) When shall this be airing, do you know? And where’ll you be watching it? Doesn’t look like it’ll be subbed… raw it shall be..

  2. umif says :

    Finally found it …
    I’ve been searching for this drama about 1.5 year. First time i knew this drama when i visit China, at Nanjing. Only watching few episods then I Have to go back to Indonesia. Iam curious about the story continue…

  3. kia says :

    Does anyone know where I can watch this drama with English subtitles except viki?

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