Takei Emi shows off her comedy chops in “Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo”

At only 18, this talented Japanese actress/model is already firmly established in leading woman status

Ohmygeed Emi, Emi, Emi. I wouldn’t call her anything less than a workaholic. Not long ago, she began to take up leading roles in Japanese drama. In less than one year, Takei Emi has gone from high school comedy (Asuko’s March) to melodrama involving identical twins (W no Higeki) to forbidden love story (Breathless Summer). Emi continuously steps out of her comfort zone to try out challenging roles, which is what I admire about her. This October, Takei Emi sneaks back to the small screen in what looks like a coming-of-age comedy about a naive 19 year old girl who comes to Tokyo to reunite with her father after 15 years. This new drama, which has 5 episodes ready to watch, is called “Flat Out Tokyo Girl”. But since we already know how Japanese dramas work, the title that will be referred to is this long-ass, untranslated one: Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo.

Screencap Source: dramovie.com

Positive and daring in character, Urara is a 19 year old girl who, on her birthday, she learns that her father who she thought had died 15 years ago is alive somewhere in Tokyo. Urara goes to look for dad and heads to the big city. Urara wanders about and meets a woman who introduces her to Takuya, a middle-aged lawyer and bachelor. “DAD!?”After their coincidental reunion, Urara’s curiosity does not stop her from wanting to find out more about her estranged father who urges her to go back to her small hometown. Soon, Urara sees that Takuya is being preyed upon by several young and attractive bachelorettes. Innately meddlesome in nature, Urara makes it her duty to see that her father is not played a fool. Tokyo Zenryoku Shojo is a drama of a young woman searching for her space in this world while depicting a split family that tries to regain its lost time together in modern day Tokyo. — NTV

From the synopsis and first part of episode 1, this looks like a fun, lighthearted ride! Honestly, Emi hasn’t disappointed with any of her projects yet, and from her outstanding performance in Asuko’s March (another comedy), I’m fairly confident that Emi will shine in this comedy. Plus, Miura Shohei is going to be the guy paired with our heroine. What more can we want as viewers? Shohei is the epitome of funny and adorable in jdrama. He’s a young’un but already got comedic chops under his belt. To top everything off, hottie-drama-veteran Tsukamoto Takashi plays a supporting role as Takuya’s assistant in the law firm who helps out Urara with connecting with her father.

Takei Emi in Seventeen fashion magazine

P.s. Fun fact, Miura Shohei worked with Takei Emi about 5 years ago when he was 20 and she was 15! I remember seeing the pair featured on a Seventeen magazine (Japan) spread when Takei Emi only worked as a Seventeen fashion model, not yet a rising actress like she is today. I thought this was the cutest couple ever and wanted them to do a drama together one day. I had almost forgotten about this until I saw this drama. Looks like my wish came true after all!! YAATAH. Okay, so I’ll leave you with a cute picture of the pair.

Daisuke grins while watching Urara devour her meal


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2 responses to “Takei Emi shows off her comedy chops in “Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo””

  1. heisui says :

    I admire Takei Emi’s work ethics as she has pushed herself to the max with all of her recent roles, but I’m not really buying into the Takei-Emi-hype just yet. She is still a budding actress and she should focus on quality not quantity. That being said I still loved her performance in Asuko March~

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