“Nice Guy” First Impressions

Song Joong Ki is one handsome pretty boy. And I love my pretty boys who possess deep, manly voices. Besides that, I would like to commend Nice Guy for providing situations that unleash my Song Joong Ki’s awesome acting skills. Song’s co-star, Moon Chae Won honestly did not impress me much. I didn’t really feel as much of a connection for her character until after she lost her memories (that’s not much of a spoiler… you can expect that most serious kdramas will have this plot device in one way or another).

Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) used to be a nice guy. He was also intelligent, with hopes to continue his studies to become a doctor. His girlfriend, Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon) was a news reporter. One night, Jae Hee kills a man and out of Ma Roo’s love for her, he took the blame and went to prison. Jae Hee then marries a wealthy, older man. Stinging from the betrayal, Maru uses Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), an heiress – who has become the step-daughter of Jae Hee – to exact his revenge.

Maru is awfully kind for a man seeking revenge. Frankly, it wasn’t his character that changed throughout the episodes, just that his heart hardened against Jae Hee. I like how fiercely Eun Gi falls in love with Maru, and especially Eun Gi after she lost her memories (I won’t go into how this happened, to not spoil anyone here). Moon Chae Won’s acting took more improvement, in my opinion, when she finally shed Eun Gi’s tough shell and reveals Eun Gi’s vulnerable side. I know Maru is going to be more and more in love with Eun Gi in the next few episodes, so I’m looking forward to that. To be honest, Jae Hee (again, she’s played by actress Park Si Yeon) annoys me to no end. She is evil, but she’s more annoying than satisfyingly bitchy. Jae Hee has literally ONE expression on her face. A look of disbelief mixed with seething fury.

Photo Source: Kdrama Therapy

Yeah. This face. This gets old after like the third time she does it.

The verdict so far (episode 12)? “Nice Guy” is watchable. I don’t feel a strong feeling towards it nor do I dislike it. I’ve seen too many of these kinds of ‘serious’ dramas. Therefore, Nice Guy isn’t exactly offering something new in terms of storyline. Not only that, something I can’t pinpoint in this drama lacks the emotional attachment to the viewers, or maybe that’s just me who feels this way. Honestly though, you might want to consider watching this all the same, for Song Joong Ki. This his first lead role and he does a fantastic job with his role. I’m a proud mama teehee.

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