“Love Chase”/ Yamapi (Song of the Week)

It can’t be just me who is finding Yamapi looking fresher and younger since his Kurosagi days…


Yamashita Tomohisa (better known as Yamapi) has released a new song this summer called “Love Chase”. I AM IN LOVE WITH. Though I’ve been a massive fan of this Japanese singer and actor for years, I’ve never found Yamapi’s songs particularly memorable, so this one is a definite exception. The last time Yamapi has made me swoon was his song “Love Song“, from 2003-ish…which is quite a while back! If you look at his performance video back then, you’ll see that Yamapi has not aged in these 10 years besides fuller cheeks.

“Love Chase” balances soulful with a catchy dance rhythm! Upon second examination, the lyrics are a bit questionable. You won’t notice if you are just listening for a nice, upbeat jpop. It’s kind of hilarious to hear a random “YO MERRY CHRISTMAS” in a love song. Just sayin. Pay attention to the rap segment of “Love Chase” and you’ll know what I mean. Nevertheless, I love this and highly recommend this song!!


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One response to ““Love Chase”/ Yamapi (Song of the Week)”

  1. zoe says :

    Who is the girl in the pv?

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