“The Vampire Diaries” Season 4 Gone Global (Chinese Poster)

China’s Sohu, the official online streaming website with high-quality asian television series, gets ready for Damon’s sexy return in season 4 (fourth’s the charm?) with a poster. Of course, it’s nothing new, but I still got a bit excited to see the trio featured on this popular Chinese website. Especially Damon, oh yup. His intense gaze and humor does it for me like no one else.

In tagline, it reads “television version of Twilight,  seductive degrees skyrocket”. Hells yeah it is. Though do we really have to mention Twilight? No we don’t. But it doesn’t hurt to compare just to make the point that TVD is sexier.

Guilty confession! Only watched most of the last few seasons for the Damon and Elena romance. Okay, confession, done.


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