“Queen InHyun’s Man” First Impressions

As the time-travel love stories take over both China and Korea, I hear overwhelming praises about Queen InHyun’s Man starring Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na. The story is about a scholar named Gim Bung Do who time travels 300 years ahead to present day Korea and meets aspiring actress Choe Hui Jin.

Although I hate the way the show insists on split screens (I’d rather focus on one character at a time), but the Gim-Choe couple is beyond adorable and if you skip to episode 3, the story really picks up. I’ve tried to sneak ahead to the famous kiss scenes because I’m impatient but Inhyun’s Man paced in storytelling extremely well so I felt like I couldn’t skip anything or I’ll miss something good. Thought I just wanted to have an INITIAL impression, I was so enamoured of both characters I couldn’t reach a bookmarking point until episode 8. I’m excited to see how things will develop between our main leads, although I have to admit not caring as much for most of the side characters in this drama – except Han Dong Min the ex-boyfriend – he’s like a stubborn lost puppy! Dong Min is not harmless at all to our main coupling, which as viewers, we like.

Don’t mind me saying, but initially I was VERY CONFUSED about the premise. From just skimming recaps, I thought our male lead Bung Do led a parallel life as a modern city boy, but I was in fact wrong. I think it might have been because in the early episodes, Bung Do (who was a scholar living in 1690s) seemed very adapted to modern city life with his clothes and hairstyle.

Besides in love with the cute love story, I’m equally fascinated with Hui Jin’s various outfits that channel ladylike and on-the-go. The way Hui Jin puts her hair up into buns and in halfupdos are lovely as well. *Reminding self to do a fashion and hair post for this girl soon.

Up next for Initial Thoughts! Probably do one for Bridal Mask and another for Concubine Zhen Huan.


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2 responses to ““Queen InHyun’s Man” First Impressions”

  1. xixiaa says :

    I have heard nothing but good things about this drama! I desperately need to watch it.
    Did you hear about how the two leads are dating in real life?

    ♥ xixia

    • Bumbleberri says :

      You should!! I’ve heard a lot of people give up on this show because of the first two episodes, but don’t do that or you’ll miss out on the real fun later 😀 I actually skipped episodes 1 and 2 and rewatching them now.
      I’m so happy for our reel-to-real couple! They’re so cute together, I especially adore the height difference.

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