“Sprout” First Impressions

I only began watching this drama because I was reading MyDramaTea’s episode reviews and came upon this one, and it seems like something that would float my boat!

“Sprout” combines summery goodness and a simple love story between adolescents. What I noticed upfront was an ‘artsy’ feel in the execution of the scenes – you get a lot of closeups of our main characters and lots of music-video-like flashbacks. The story set up reminds me of It Started With a Kiss (guys this is a classic asian drama, if you didn’t know this….shame) wherein the heroine, who is in high school, out of a sudden twist of fate lives under the same roof with her crush, who is also the popular guy at school. Except in “Sprout”, Miku (played by Morikawa Aoi) gets to live with TWO popular hot guys in school.

One is Souhei, played by Chinen Yuri who has the sexy face, and the boy Miku initially likes. Another is Hayato, played by Lewis Jesse (WHAT? A Japanese Johnnys’ talent who actually has a name we can pronounce? because he’s mixed yo.). Hayato is tall, mysterious, and secretly has a thing for Miku. But honestly is it just me, or does Hayato sometimes stare at Miku in more of a creeper way than loving? It could just be that the actor isn’t quite as skilled portraying varied emotions yet.

Anywho, there’s plenty of love to go around:

The story is really sweet, but sometimes unbearably real (read: first love tension). You, the viewer, can sometimes feel that electricity in the air during one of the many Hayato and Miku scenes. Without doubt, I’m a HayatoMiku shipper! In this story, different than most romance dramas, is that it is not a clear-cut story of love. In other words, there are a lot of different people liking each other at different times (except Hayato who only loved/loves Miku, which is why I find him so endearing).

This shouldn’t really be called an “initial impressions” review, because I couldn’t stop watching the series until episode 8 because no more subtitled episodes are out yet.


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2 responses to ““Sprout” First Impressions”

  1. heisui says :

    Thumbs up for the ISWAK reference!

    I never realized Jesse Lewis was mixed! *suddenly realizes the reason for the name* And I like the way you describe it as “unbearingly real”. I think it’s part of the drama’s charm!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Yes he is, it’s quite awesome actually, i couldn’t tell either but the name was quite different than any other Johnny so i looked it up 😀 I’ve yet to see episode 9! Can’t wait.

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