Alec Su, my old fandom.

Taiwanese actor and singer, Alec Su (Su You Peng), as been my biggest idol all throughout my 3rd grade to pre-teen years. In other words, if you guys didn’t know, Alec was my first big fandom. I had a humongus crush on the guy when I saw him as 5th prince in Huan Zhu Ge Ge (if you don’t know what that this…. get out. No, seriously. ahem – a classic – ahem). Recently he was on Happy Camp and seeing his new look, I jumped out of my chair. Just a little stunned. Just a little bit.

Wu A Ge!! (that means 5th Prince)

Knight in Shining Armor

Long story short, I stopped obsessing over Alec in 2006. By that point, he was no longer active making dramas or singing. Also he began to sport this fugly beard/goatee thing and became a hunchback overnight. Not that I’m back to this fandom I left ages ago. However, he’s back to his youthful look! That means he’s finally shaved after 6 long years and got a great haircut that accentuates his features. Thank goodness Alec has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Find out how Alec has changed throughout the years! HAIR EVOLUTION CHART BELOW THE CUT

Yes, you didn’t believe me right? Evolution, man. He was at the height of his asian drama career in 2004, and for good reason. It was in the hair!! The hair. Although… I remember a big part of the reason I loved Alec Su more than any other actor is due to his sense of humor on stage, and this instant-familiar-look of his. I mean, that’s the only way you can really get a sense of a celebrity by his personality right? Anyways, like I was saying.

Old (young) Alec is back! Ain’t that awesome.

Ps. he’s seriously rocking those electric blue skinnies! I should get myself a pair of those.


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3 responses to “Alec Su, my old fandom.”

  1. Li-Anne says :

    Alec Su is still my idol! Still wish somehow somewhere he can act again with Zhao Wei. I know it seems rather impossible but I’m still hoping and wishing regardless. They are so good together 🙂

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