Dramas That Waste Your Life – Avoid these to save your sanity

Today I’m going to talk about TV series that waste time to watch and share a couple of mishaps I got myself into whist drama-watching in the past. Here are some of them I remember watching (and really wanted to slap myself for). Some of these fall into the “big disappointment” category, which isn’t too bad, wherein others have fallen squarely into “so effed up I am ripping my hair out but somehow still watching”. I’ll give you some tips on what to avoid and name a few titles that have proved endless heartbreak and headdesking.

If you are someone who CAN NOT stand unrealistic, happy-go-lucky, exaggerated antics, then I’d advise you to steer clear of Skip Beat (Exavagant Challenge), Mei-Chan’s Butler, Switch Girl and Fondant Garden.

Tragedy + Palace/Republican drama, not a fantastic combination. Ahem, I’m talking about you – Bounty Hunter, Hidden Intentions, Emperor’s Harem and Tai Ping Gong Zhu De Mi Shi.

Angst overload. Please do yourself a favor and avoid mother-daughter in law stories, and especially be careful of lunatics in the household (they will drive you crazy). Yes. Tears of a Bride, My Daughters, Dang PoPo Yu Shang Ma, Flash Wedding (Shan Hun) and Symphony of Fate, that means you.

And, remakes of popular stories are 90 percent NOT in your favor. Fall in Love With You is a perfect example of no chemistry, bland acting, and no emotional entanglement with any portion of the storyline.

So why did I bother watching these – or in some cases, finished the whole darn series? The answer lies in one or more of these nasty tricksters.

*star studded cast *hot actor who cameos in here *flashy outfits and scenery *big budget *lots of hype prior to broadcast *OTP

Drama addicts, be on the watchout for poorly made dramas that suck you in via on-the-surface offerings. Go in with the philosophy of “I won’t settle for anything in dramaland unless I really enjoy it” and you’ll be able to save your valuable time completing more productive tasks.


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4 responses to “Dramas That Waste Your Life – Avoid these to save your sanity”

  1. moomooye says :

    Haha, thanks for the tidbit. Was actaully thinking about watching a few of these so guess I won’t even attempt. I agree with your assessment. I actually tried quite a few on this list and dropped all of them.

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Yeah!! it totally sucks to have to watch a drama in hopes that somehow everything will change for the better. After doing so for many tv dramas, I’ve come to a conclusion to only finish a series if they are truly amazing (not just because other people/reviewers recommend it, to everyone his/her own). Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  2. heisui says :

    AHAHA this cracks me up!! Especially when you brought up Fall in Love!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT DRAMA DROVE ME CRAZY!!! Even Dennis Oh & Zhang Han weren’t enough to make it worth watching T_T

  3. Stephanie Danielle says :

    I generally live by the rule. If I like the characters I will stay if not, forget it. At least if I like the characters my imagination can take over where the story has left off or logic has failed.

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