SOTW: “Loving Two Different Kinds of You” by ZHU ZI XIAO

Late, I know. Pretend this was from Sunday, guys!

I just saw this mv of Zhu Zi Xiao’s new song “Loving Two Different Kinds of You” for cdrama Fairytale In Half… Automatically I decided this would go up as my SOTW whether the song was decent or bad, just because it was Zhu Zi Xiao. Hahaha so shameless fangirling this guy. I mean, come on, it is Zhu Zi Xiao. But ACTUALLY, the song paired with the music video was truly not bad at all, and even resonated with early 2000s dramas a little. You know, the gentle, easy-going Harlem Yu songs. While ZZX has quite a limited singing range, he made a great choice to stick to songs like this that don’t require powerful vocals or the ability to hit high notes.


For more photo goodies and my rants about upcoming cdrama….

My screencaps don’t do him justice! Zhu ZiXiao i’m sorry.

I told myself I won’t settle for dramas that are set for mediocricy like upcoming c-drama, Fairytale In Half (童话二分之一). From the get-go, the horrible dubbing, formulaic storyline, cheesy love story, and overused lost twin sister plot device were already grossing me out. I could hardly finish the 10 minute trailer without gagging. However this MV (above) made me want to see it for Zhu Zi Xiao’s character and love story! Somehow Zhu Zi Xiao’s sexy, funny, refreshing performances onscreen got me through multiple TV series I wouldn’t have watched otherwise, namely, Meteor Shower (if this one sounds familiar, it is the chinese version of Boys Over Flowers).


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2 responses to “SOTW: “Loving Two Different Kinds of You” by ZHU ZI XIAO”

  1. ROYLOVE says :

    Is Zhu Zi Xiao’s voice dubbed?

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