Have You Heard Chen Xiao’s REAL VOICE?

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As a fan of Chen Xiao’s 19th Prince from Chinese drama, Palace II, and looking forward to Female Prime Minister, I have never actually seen a Chen Xiao interview. Part of the reason is because Chen Xiao has only recently garnered high popularity in China lately- but the guy has only graduated three years ago, so he’s actually been very active in dramas. So basically, in both Palace II and Bounty Hunter, the viewers have been hearing his dubbed-over voice. I guess that explains why I’m shocked to hear Chen Xiao actually speak in this recent interview. I’m quite used to his voice bestowed by the voice actors – which conveyed a rather innocent feel to match his TV characters.

Hence, I imagined Chen Xiao to sound very innocent (etc). Instead, both Chen Xiao’s personality and voice shocked me. His personality is quite mature; his easy dodging of personal questions thrust upon him in the interview made me feel like he is worldly and mature. Actually this reminds me a lot of Alec Su, who is also totally comfortable in the spotlight and very well-versed.  I didn’t expect that at all. I guess that is attributed to his manchild ,babyface I am familiar with onscreen hahaha….

Things You Might Not Know About Chen Xiao:

– CX is really good friends with co-actress Zhao Yi Ling (Female Prime Minister) and the fireworks they had offscreen in his opinion, translated onscreen and to their chemistry in Female Prime Minister

– Detective Conan superfan (so cuteeee, I almost couldn’t believe what I’m hearing)

– he can’t cook but makes soups a lot, saying that soups are healthy ways to get nutrients and take care of skin (girls, keep that in mind for better complexion!)

– CX aspires to try out idol series and other modern series, which is something I’d really like to see him do, although I’ve loved him decked in ancient dynasty garb acting out royalty

– He is/was a high jump athlete! Totally did not know that. Apparently when he was in his growth spurt, his doctors told him he would make it to 190cm height but he ended up 180cm, which CX hypothesized, the reason was lack of good sleep (take note, people).


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