“Wu Xie Ke Ji 3” First Impressions

With a beginning so lackluster, I was disappointed. But by episode 3, the story and hijinks pick up rapidly. Note: this is not a recap of any sort. Also take note that Wu Xie Ke Ji translates to Unbeatable, Wu Xie Ke Ji is simply the title of this series in Chinese.

Reasons to watch “Wu Xie Ke Ji: Blue Dreams” (pictures below)

x Zhu Zi Xiao and Sun Jian, the male leads, are just about the funniest guys ever…and so cheeky (and Zhu Zi Xiao is a hunk which is a plus)

Turns out the guy is alergic to teddy bears1 perfuming the bears…

xUnique plot: This is not a story about a rich ceo who falls in love with a poor girl. This is about the dreams and struggles of a new generation of post-college grads in China. This is about a man who goes from a unemployed college grad to top Creative Director of a large company overnight, who meets a Harvard grad unemployed girl (later becomes a lowly-paid white collar worker in the same company). Essentially the boy’s sudden prominence to “gold-collar worker” is every college grad’s fantasy life, but also just a light romantic/suspence/workplace/comedy series that anyone can enjoy.

x the gorgeous cinematography – love the panoramic view of the city landscape and slick camera work in general

x as the story picks up, the dialogue improves and gets funnier and wittier with every banter

attempt to pull the whole 007 gadgets thing with the glasses… plan shattered. literally.

x Although this drama focuses more on workplace politics and struggles, the few romantic scenes are such a treat! Zhi ZiXiao and Han Chae Young are obvious OTP, but Gui Gui, who plays the spoiled company’s daughter, and Zhu Zi Xiao’s flirting scenes and things she has up her sleeve to get to Zhu Zi Xiao is so adorbs! I can’t help but ship them too.

x for every cliche there’s a non-cliche.

x Korean-Chinese language barrier isn’t an obstacle for Zhu Zi Xiao (chinese) and Han Chae Young (korean) who interact naturally as if they are speaking the same language

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