{Stills and Trailer} Unbeatable 3 无懈可击之蓝色梦想

What brand-new TV series airs today? Unbeatable 3 – college grad edition!Formally known as Unbeatable: Blue Dreams.

As I raved about in my previous blog post, Zhu Zi Xiao and Han Chae Young collaborate in this big budget idol drama set in China’s modern citylife. Since Unbeatable 1 was a favorite of mine (in spite of all those product placements and flaws, it was still addictive), I’m going to give this one a go.

A slickly shot, Zhejiang TV self-produced TV series about a post college graduate, Xu Hao Ting (played by Zhu Zi Xiao), who gets entangled with office politics as he unexpectedly gets a job as Creative Director of a large ad company. He meets Li Wei Wei (played by Han Chae Young) who is unemployed and is applying for a job in the same company. This is essentially about college grads and about the pursuit of dreams.

Below are some stills and the trailer of this series.

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You guys already know I love Zhu Zi Xiao (funny, tall, talented, handsome, haha I could go on). He’s risen from Chinese F4 status (his Meteor Shower days) to male lead in Unbeatable. On top of that, Zhu Zi Xiao does modeling and hosts TV shows, which shows his multitalented potentials.

Watch trailer here if the above video doesn’t work


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