SOTW: Hu Ge’s “I Won’t be a Hero”

Listen (and watch the MV) here:

Actor Hu Ge in costume for his video game promo song, “I Won’t Be a Hero”

TIMEEE for song of the week again! Although Hu Ge isn’t known for his singing, this song is really catchy and nice so I thought I’d share it to y’all! I love the unique theme of the lyrics, that its not another one of those sappy breakup/love songs, but instead you can imagine an older brother giving advice to a younger kid. Also, shoutout to for introducing this awesome song via their posts about Chinese TV Series songs (mostly for historical wuxia genres).

Ps. on a related note, I’d really like to see Hu Ge in a funny role again, like his character in the Chinese Paladin series (that’s pretty ironic in itself becauase I remember watching CP and wanting him to act serious for just once).


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4 responses to “SOTW: Hu Ge’s “I Won’t be a Hero””

  1. Sapphiresky says :

    OMG YAYYYYY you posted htis song! I AM SOOOO HAPPY!
    I TOTALLY agree, I also want Hu Ge to be in funny roles, it’s like he’s just so natural doing comedy, even in one of the talk shows I saw, he was so hilarious:

    I still think he should start his own comedy show one day hahaha

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Ha! Yes he better sign in with a funny series soon. I hear his Meng Jue character in Da Mo yao is supposed to be the opposite? But I might be wrong…

      • Sapphiresky says :

        It’s odd but I actually think his role in XYS is REALLY funny, esp as Jianchi, the way he talks (tries to be serious but he talks in such a way that you can’t help but laugh) so i would say he’s definitely still doing funny roles…when i was watching it with someone, they said.. “Hu ge seriously can’t help himself, even when his role seems so serious, he still does the good old comedy” LOL!

  2. tseparfait says :

    I liked Hu Ge in Bu Bu Jing Xin! =)

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