Outfits, Food, and Hairstyle Tutorials!


Here’s a sneak peek:

+ double cone UPDO, inspired by “Chinese Paladin 3” (COMPLETED, click for the tutorial)

+ Sheer Top and Skirt summer outfits, inspired by Korean drama “Big” (COMPLETED!, click to see the outfits)


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About Bumbleberri

Founder and editor of Asian Entertainment Blog, UnderratedGems. What I do in my free time: trying to get more sleep and satisfying my TV addiction. Currently in the process of a grueling job hunt.

5 responses to “Outfits, Food, and Hairstyle Tutorials!”

  1. Sapphiresky says :

    OMG HI!!! I just got your comment THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!! it’s SO exciting to get those comments! OF COURSE, I actually saved a lot of relaly HQ pics, but i’m not sure which you’d like cos the third pic was the beggar one, do you mean the second or fourth/fifth? I can just send a zip of all the HR pics I have! OMG I cannot WAIT to see a hair tutorial, it’s gonna be so amaazing, I really want to try doing the ancient hair. I always wanted to but sadly never have long enough hair or the equipment.
    BTW do you have an email address you use? You left a @live email on my blog, shall I just send the pics to there?
    yay and i’m REALLY excited the MV tutorial helped! that’s so great to hear!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Oh sorry haha, I meant the fourth picture (basically the ones easier to see the hair lol) ! And yes, I’d love it if you could send those pictures to bumbleberri@live.com thanks so much for the fast reply 😀

      • Sapphiresky says :

        I just sent the email 😀 Hope you got what you were looking for! I’ve always hoped that people would do hairstyle tutorials! It would be really cool to cosplay an ancient character one day! If you need anything else, let me know and i’ll do my best to help 😀

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Okay for some reason, wordpress won’t let me reply to your other comment lol…
      The photos are super clear and exactly what I was looking for! I will do the tutorial as soon as I get time to figure it out and take pictures of the steps. HR’s look is so cute. Again, thank you for them! You’re totally welcome to stop by my beauty blog when I have the look up!

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