“Ghost Mama Sousasen” First Impressions

Yamaguchi Sensei is back! In ghost form

Can you say, immediate favorite! I was just browsing for anything new on Kaku Kento (currently obsessed with this boy) when I found out he was guest-starring in episode 1 of this drama. All I knew about Ghost Mama was that Nakama Yukie from Gokusen was playing a dead police officer mom. Judging from that gloomy-sounding synopsis I was not particularly anxious to see it. But I gave in for my Kaku-kun and I’m very glad I did! This show is probably the most interesting of the bunch of Jdramas airing this summer.

For starters, Ghost Mama is fantastically hilarious! + Shida Mirai is also in it! Which automatically bumps any drama up a few notches. This kid is my favorite child actress and such a scene stealer. Of course the backstory might leave you with gut-wrenching feel, but after the setup in the premier episode, the rest will likely be a lighthearted, heartfelt watch. As Tokyohive described about the story, “together with her son Tonbo, Ghost Mama is now out to to catch various atrocious criminals in order to settle those old cases. It’s a criminal and human drama in which the characters experience personal growth with each case, mixed with a certain amount of fantasy and comedic elements”.

And of courseee Kaku-kun’s guest role as Takeru… 😀 In episode 2, Uehara’s little boy Tonbo will help Takeru apologize to his crush (since Tonbu is the only living person who can see ghosts with Uehara’s glasses). Cuteness to come!


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