Favorite Saucy Male Stylist Character

…hands down. If you wondered to my Currently Watching list, you’ll probably know that I have been busying it up catching all sorts of asian TV dramas lately. That, and preparing all sorts of awesome fashion/hair posts for my style blog. And biking to faraway locations, trying to get fit for summer.

So there’s this one guy who is probably now my favorite character out of Fashionable Female Editor. His name is ‘Tao Mi” (notice the chinglish pronounciation, it’s actually supposed to be Tommy haha) and he’s this super spicy male fashion stylist for a new magazine startup company in the story. I love this character for his multidimensional role (yep, you read that right. he’s a small character, but I love that his character gets fleshed out throughout the show). I also love that he acts like an older brother to female lead, Cheng Xin (played by Yin Tao) and lends her a helping hand when she needs it the most. I was planning to drop this series because the first few episodes weren’t all that exciting, but then BAM, episode 10 happened. Read on below for more pictures of the boy and information about this drama

Even if you don’t get to watch this series, allow me to introduce this hotness. Feel free to take it all in. 😉 The name is Deng An Qi (邓安奇, the actor not character).

Honestly, I didn’t even take a close look at his face all these episodes because he’s forever sporting the ulzzang glasses + curly hair combo in the show. My favorite part about this character is his back story he shared with Cheng Xin when she was at a hard time first coming to Beijing to find work. How he, originally a manly man (in his own words) from Shandong province came to Beijing to find a job, but had to change his image into a girly/sassy stylist to be apart of the “hip” culture of Japanese and Korean star culture developing in modern China. You can really see from that Tao Mi’s hardworking, persistent attitude that helped him survive in cutthroat workplace cities like Beijing. And the unlikely reveal that he’s had a crush on this tough-as-steels tomboy model, Ge Yi Qing for the longest time. Their story that follows will be so cute, I can’t wait to see it!

P.s. Fashionable Female Editor, if you haven’t detected from the familiar title, is the TV Drama based on one of the Chinese books from my book challenge 😛 If you want to learn more about this series, like or comment down below and I might end up doing a review or another post on Fashionable Female Editor.


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