Book Challenge: Four Chinese Novels in One Month

28 days. 4 Chinese Novels of choice.

1.                  2. 3.                 4.

Totally welcome to join me on this challenge if you are looking to improve your proficency in Chinese! (book titles are clickable) While I can hold casual conversations in Mandarin Chinese and read in the language to get by when I go to China, I know I have a lot to improve. Lately, I’ve been looking to read some of Tong Hua’s historical romance novels after reading through Ms. Koala’s blog about Da Mo Yao and Yun Zhong Ge. So to kick off this challenge, I selected a few books that span both modern city and historical romances – also with a range of difficulty. From skimming the vocab used, it appears that Books 2 and 3 have easier to read language, while 1 and 4 are more difficult (lottts of looking words up).

1. Tiny Times 1.0 by Guo Jing Ming, modern day romance in bustling city Shanghai

2. Female Editor Who Wears “Zoo” by Zhao Zhao, modern city romance that has just been adapted to a TV Drama which airs tonight on China television 😉 EXCITEDDDD but if I watch this and drop the novel in the process, replacement book shall be Yun Zhong Ge (another novel by Tong Hua that is sorta sequel to Da Mo Yao, book 4)

3. Ci Xin Wu Yin/Vastness of this Heart by Wu Fei You, popular university girl travels back in time and involves in palace affairs

4. Da Mo Yao/Melody of the Desert by Tong Hua, historical romance that has a TV drama in the works with Liu Shi Shi and Eddie Peng

If you’re inspired to try this out, here’s a quick guide how I’m learning the vocab while reading. I’ll probably do this after completing each chapter instead of page by page. Go for it!


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4 responses to “Book Challenge: Four Chinese Novels in One Month”

  1. dorae says :

    my hubby just bought me an E-BOOK, NOOK and the first book I wanna read on my e-book is the Tong Hua Trilogy. Ballad of the desert, Song of the Clouds and third one is still working on. and yup, thanks to Ms. Koala’s blog too.

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