Food Travel Story: Roadtrip to Yellowstone

In the week of July 4th (in case you aren’t familiar with, this is US independence day), I went on a roadtrip with the family. Our destination was the famed Yellowstone National park. Personally, Yellowstone didn’t impress me much since it was quite similar to the scenery we passed by during the roadtrip (except with a more guarded feel with its road signs that warn about deer crossing). But the FOOD was another story my friends. Here’s a peek at some of the delicious food I had while I was there.

From top left clockwise: Greek Gyro, Chinese dishes (my favorite, not pictured, was Mongolian beef), Rainbow roll sushi, Japanese Boxed Lunch, Dragon roll sushi, Chicken Quesadilla with sauce

I had never tried Mongolian beef, Quesadilla, nor Greek Gyro before, and I was so pleasantly delighted that I took the plunge to try them out. Normally I won’t eat out much when I’m at home. Next time you have a choice of eating out (or if you visit the national park), you can’t go wrong with these dishes! So. incredibly yummy.

The first day in Montana, the crew went to a small burger joint called Corral Drive-In. The place was super tiny but real awesome as everyone just hauled their burgers to the benches outside the cabin where you’d order your food. I just stayed safe and got their grilled cheese sandwiches, but once I got a bite of them elk burgers (not pictured)… mm I was in burger heaven! Such a shame I didn’t end up ordering one that day as I was already full with my sandwich.

LOCATIONS TO GO GET GOOD FOOD: Yellowstone Grill & Fountain (for greek gyro),  Chinatown Restaurant (for mongolian beef), Shogun Sushi (although pricy, for sushi rolls), Colter Bay Restaurant (for chicken quesadilla)


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