Love Under a Hawthorn Tree | In Three Sentences

Set in the Cultural Revolution, an innocent girl called Jingqiu goes to the countryside for ‘re-education’ but meets a lad nicknamed Lao San.

This is not a story with a happy ending, but it has become one of my favorites because the tasteful cinematography, and the moving portrayal of innocent love in that 70’s decade absolutely worked out for this movie.

You’ll remember the storytelling from its tiny moments, and of course as the whole package.

P.s. As a Zhang Yi Mou-directed film, I somehow expected the pacing to be slow since Zhang is known for making movies look like works of art.

But the story actually flowed very well and there was not a boring moment.

I watched this about a year and a half ago but finally got around to doing this mini review on it. Hoped it was somewhat enjoyable 🙂 Looking back at my choice for the previoius In Three Sentences (MOVIE REVIEW) on TYTGWC, I must really have a thing for nostalgic love stories lol…

P.p.s. Curiously Wang Luo Dan (who is one of my favorite Cdrama actresses) recently filmed a drama adaption of the same name. Turns out this tv series version of the movie already aired in March when I was getting ready for finals exams. My thoughts: I do like how each character gets fleshed out more and they have fun little stories to include in this 35 episodes, right from the get-go the leads are simply way too old to play the characters for this story. The innocent love just doesn’t get across to the viewers the same way.

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