Kaku Kento and Takei Emi – The Ultimate OTP of “Asuko’s March”

He is the frickin adorable second male lead from Asuko March (played by Kaku Kento)! I’m so looking forward to his new dramas. He definitely has to be main character some day soon. However I will probably skip his Clover drama because the story doesn’t interest me very much and I don’t know what is up with his hairdo.

I did watch Asuko March (all 8 episodes) but I’m too lazy to do a legitimate review on it, so here are some screencaps I took I thought were worth a share. **Picspam below

Takei Emi is just too cute for words. Plus I love that as a young actress, she’s been able to take on such diverse roles. This drama definitely puts her comedic chops to good use!


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8 responses to “Kaku Kento and Takei Emi – The Ultimate OTP of “Asuko’s March””

  1. NeeNee says :

    Won’t lie, as much as I ended up liking Aruto and the actor who plays him, I was shipping Kaku Kento all the way! He was actually the better one for Nao, but oh well. The 2nd male leads rarely ever beat the male lead out to get the girl.
    I am really hoping to see him in more starring roles as every other drama I see him in, he’s always a supporting character.

    • Bumbleberri says :

      That’s def true for most jdrama/kdrama since the main leads are already set, tho I still had that one bit of hope for Kaku. I’m sure pretty soon, this guy will be leading dramas with his charisma. Oh, also I checked out your facebook page… I’m kinda excited for Emi and Aruto-character’s Kyou koi wo hajimemasu! The trailer aint bad 😉 Though I’m not familiar with the manga, the story looks very sweet and lovely based on what I see so far.

      • NeeNee says :

        Oh, I haven’t seen the trailer yet. I’ll have to go check it out. I’m excited to see them together again as both Takei Emi and M. Tori are good actors [I can never recall his last name, its a complicated one].

  2. heisui says :


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