60 Days of Juicing Diet Challenge (Documentary)

An overweight Australian man who tackles his weight and diseases in a 60 day diet of homemade juice (Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead). Could just two months of drinking nothing but juice actually help the body cure itself from disease and get healthier? Before this, I had seen a video of JennaMarbles (funny Youtube personality) describe her daily meal and thought it was insane she could live on nuts, fruit, and salads… But after hearing that she actually felt more alert and mind clearer, I wanted to see this movie to see if this will be true for this guy as well.

Caution: I definitely feel like this kind of diet should apply to adults, not kids who are still growing because a fasting on fruits and vegetables could be detrimental to the child’s height and overall health. So kids, don’t do this just yet.

Overall, said movie was amazing and very uplifting. You get to see this Austrailian man go from fat to fit over the course of the movie. And he keeps going with this insane diet even through all the doubts everyone else had – and proved them that it actually worked. You don’t always need doctors to give you drugs to make you feel better, you can help your body yourself.

The film itself: I liked the animations and cartoons that kept the movie from going into serious/boring territory. Like Morgan Spurlock, this documentary had the main character travel across the US to find out what everyday people thought about obesity, and also doctors’ and experts’ inputs on what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

So what made Cross produce this film? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-cross/fat-sick-and-nearly-dead-_b_789298.html

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